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PENTHOUSE – The Place I Once Called Home

Today is Easter Sunday. I bet most of my readers are sleeping as I type this entry at 3AM. I’m not yet sure if i’ll be taking the 3:30 AM bus trip to Manila or the 4AM or 5 or 6. I blame my work schedule on why I have to leave Dagupan City on a Sunday.


Guess who spent 15 years of her life living in that penthouse?

See, i had no plans of going back here in Dagupan last week. I decided five hours before I left Manila that I will be spending my Holy Week break in a nice hotel in the Bangus City. It was my dream since I was a kid that at least I try to stay here even just for one night and now it feels good that I finally fulfilled that plan of mine.

Most of my Dagupan-based friends asked me why I didn’t go to our house. Well, Lolo and Lola went to Naga for the yearly reunion of the Santamaria’s. I never had the chance to visit their new place (they moved out just this January) and yes, I don’t have a key so how can I enter in the house? 😛

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to have my very own version of Dagupan Photowalk. It was only now that I appreciate every little detail in this city through the photos I took. Now I see the old buildings which was never revamped after the 1990 earthquake, the ruins caused by the different typhoons that struck the city and all the other details that I would rather not elaborate here. Let us just say that I didn’t really explore Dagupan City that much.

Then I went back to our old house/school.

If you are thinking that I used to live inside a University campus, well, you’re right.

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Random Thoughts of a Risk Taker


Taking another risk with your consent

“How’s your new project?” lolo asked me when I was reviewing the first draft of my project.

“It’s fine. I’m quite happy with the first draft. I can’t wait to add the other elements to see the final output.” i replied with a happy face.

“That’s good, but can you do me a favor? I hope you’d learn to save up after you finish that project of yours. I know you worked hard for that. Producing something like that can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. I know it’s your money but – ”

(Here we go again)

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Because I’m One of the Boys

One of the Boys – I am not really sure if this is the best place to write about this thing that is bothering me as of the moment, but I will still write it here since it’s my personal blog anyway.

Most of my male friends see me as ‘One of the Boys’. No, I am not a lesbian nor a bisexual. I am not wearing loose pants and shirts either. I am just plainly one of the boys.

Just like one of the boys, I wear slippers in the hospital

Just like one of the boys, I wear slippers in the hospital

To those who know me very well, it is an open fact that I have a lot of male friends compared to the female ones. Some were even teased to me, but nothing really romantic went in the way.

See, I never had a boyfriend. Some girls my age might be alarmed if they are in a situation similar as mine. You know, being around guys but you always end up as the rose among the thorns? You are very much loved and protected by the thorns and they will prick every possible bad element who would intend to hurt you.

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