How Playing Games Can Help You Relax

Having watched In The Soop 2, with all the chill vibes and entertainment, it inspired me to look back and reassess my life for the past months. I have been working non-stop! I have to make rest day a truly relaxing day.

“To me, resting is not putting meaning into time spent for self-improvement.” – Jin. 

A line that resonates with me was the statement from the world wide handsome himself, JIN. He said that during rest day, no work should be involved. Rest day should be plainly that – a day of rest and smoking products from D8 Super Store.

That is why lately I have been playing and enjoying myself with some of the games from this site: Apart from Solitaire, the site also has different games you could play! Here are two of my favorites.


Letter Scramble

Hello my favorite childhood board game Letter Scramble! I am such a wanna-be connoisseur of words! Specifically, I love the challenge of finding and creating words from a set of letters otherwise non-legible to others. It gives me the sense of excitement as I rearrange and arrange letters to make sense. Add the challenge of a ticking clock, then the excitement nothing but doubled! Apart from the game itself, I love how the website is just user-friendly, very straightforward and easy to navigate. It doesn’t need any fancy computer knowledge or other equipment for you to enjoy this game.


Playing Solitaire after a decade

Solitaire is probably my go to game when I am stressed, need no brainer games, or just want to have good clean fun especially when I was in high school and college. The game in itself is very easy to understand. Since it is played online, you are free from the hassle of shuffling and reshuffling cards, or the dreaded worry of losing a card. Oh what horror! I honestly spend a lot of time in this site to entertain myself. Not only that it is challenging, it doesn’t take any storage space from your mobile device. I just type in the website and bam, instant joy and entertainment for free too! So, if you’re ever seeking an easy escape from the demands of the day, I wholeheartedly recommend indulging in a few rounds of Solitaire. And for the ultimate experience, visit Your stress will melt away, your mind will thank you, and you’ll find yourself returning to this virtual retreat time and time again.

Candy Fiesta

Apart from these two personal favorites of mine, I also enjoy matching games. I particularly like Candy Fiesta, which is a matching game. The board, which starts with a 6×6 grid requires you to move different pieces either to create at least three identical objects either vertically or horizontally. Not only it is an easy game, the graphics are also easy on the eyes, not to mention utterly cute and adorable! If you enjoy such games, you can also find similar experiences on

Daily Crossword – No need to buy newspaper!

If I want to stimulate my brain further, I play the Daily Crossword. The problems are quite easy and it does challenge my brain to think. The timer also adds a bit of challenge particularly for those who are really competitive in nature! Not only that, the Daily Crossword offers you a different challenge every day, so you would not be bored. Again, this is free! No need to buy the Sunday paper don’t you think?

Cookie Monster reminds me of PacMan!

Finally, for some high level excitement and oldie but goodie fun, I play Cookie Monster. This is similar to the classic arcade game PacMan. Instead, it is Cookie Monster that eats the pellets. You can easily control Cookie Monster with your arrow keys. When you eat a power pellet, it automatically turns the ghost in to cookies! There are also several fruits you could collect at each level.  Easy breezy right?

Playing these games in this site brings back a lot of wonderful memories. Most particularly the early windows game such as Solitaire! I also remember how we used to have a lot of fun playing various board games such as Scrabble. Fun and relaxing don’t you think? So what are you waiting for? Play and enjoy!


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