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The Beautiful Possibilities of Simplicity

Last Wednesday, I went back to Dagupan City (just after two weeks!) to accompany my grandfather and I originally planned to go to Binalonan (my mother’s hometown) and go with my blogger friends to Bolinao for the weekend, but neither of them happened. I ended up just spending most of my time at a newly-opened coffee shop to work on some blog posts and interact with some online friends.

Dreaming of Manila

I am also quite amused on the developments of my beloved hometown. New coffee shops, food establishments,  shopping malls, hotels among others are being developed. Finally, Dagupan City is open for some big changes!

Five years ago, I was a student who wanted to graduate right away. Instead of taking it slow and study for four years, I graduated one semester earlier than my batchmates. The reason? I wanted to leave Dagupan City immediately and pursue a career in Metro Manila.

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Random Thoughts of a Risk Taker


Taking another risk with your consent

“How’s your new project?” lolo asked me when I was reviewing the first draft of my project.

“It’s fine. I’m quite happy with the first draft. I can’t wait to add the other elements to see the final output.” i replied with a happy face.

“That’s good, but can you do me a favor? I hope you’d learn to save up after you finish that project of yours. I know you worked hard for that. Producing something like that can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. I know it’s your money but – ”

(Here we go again)

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