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Florida Cities You Should Consider when Retiring

I think we can all agree retiring in Florida is the dream spot for just about everyone. There are so many cities that offer such great environments. It is not a secret once you hit the age of 65 you begin to fantasize about Florida. 

Many people over the age of 60 move here after retiring. It is in the top 10 of the most tax-friendly states. This means there is no income tax. When considering your retirement plans, it’s also essential to think about life insurance. It provides financial security for your loved ones. If you’re looking for a reliable option, you can Buy a 500,000 life insurance policy here.

Photo by Denys Kostyuchenko on Unsplash

Other than the money factors, Florida is beautiful. The so many beaches, bars, and restaurants you can go to really describe the state as a whole.

There are plenty of cities to think about when trying to find the right party spot, but there are even more cities to think about when retiring. 

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What I Need Right Now: A Relaxing Staycation!

Oh, hello there! Miss me? If you’ve been a follower of this blog before, I would like to let you know that I don’t blog much on this site anymore.

The truth is I feel bad when I think of the negligence and inconsistencies. It all started when I encountered some technical difficulties on this site. Even if my issue was resolved, my search ranking declined. I also moved on and focused on my travel blog (which I rarely update these days too).

Staycation, please.

Reviving one of my original blogs would be nice, but I think I outgrew it. I am just keeping this up for sentimental reasons. You know, there are days when I would read entries I wrote six years ago and analyze where I am now at present time and if I still have the same sentiments or opinions about certain topics. Some things that matter to me years back might not be a big deal to me anymore.

Just to keep those who are not on the loop updated, I don’t travel or blog as I used to. Right now, I am concentrating on my other dream and that is filmmaking.

I am working on a documentary now and about to make a feature narrative film soon. At the same time, I am still employed. Traveling from Dagupan to Pasay on a weekly basis is not really considered ‘traveling’. It is more of a commute for work. Probably that is the reason why I am feeling so anxious and tired most of the time.

Working on some tasks at Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu

I NEED A VACATION. But hey, I think what I need more is a staycation!

I need a staycation not in the Philippines, but in a different country. Perhaps in India? I should be searching for hotels in Shimla or a resort somewhere in Wayanad.

If that is not possible for now, I will just do a literal ‘Netflix and Chill’ thing and watch travel-related movies. Or some Bollywood films with the grand item numbers. Or maybe I should just go and look for someone to love and let him decide? LOL.

What I miss about media famtrips and press trips is the opportunity to stay in some hotels and resorts. I guess every Taurean will agree with that statement since a staycation means you get to stay in a place where you can just relax, eat good food, sleep a lot, eat again, swim in the pool, lounge in the lobby while listening to bossanova music, eat again or order coffee and so on and so forth. Gone are the days when I am so eager to do all the touristy, adventurous things. I just want to be a certified auntie and chill like a queen! 😛

What’s the point of this post? I don’t know. I am stressed at the moment and I just want to blog here for a change… or maybe I just miss this blog? This is supposedly my personal blog but like what I said earlier, I kind of moved on already.


5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Costs

While most of us are used to the idea that weddings are costly, this does not have to become a fact of life. Breaking the bank for your wedding and throwing an awesome shindig is great, until you realize that you’ve spent your disposable income for the next several years. Consider using Picture Blast for hiring a photo booth in London. By listening to these helpful tips, you can save a bundle on your wedding.

Photo Credit: Pep.PH

  1. Ask For Cash Gifts

This used to be considered crass, but in the modern world, where the husband and wife both work for a living, it is practical. When you ask for cash gifts, it works in the guests’ favor, as you are able to throw a much nicer wedding party for them to enjoy themselves at. It’s a win/win, as couples get to have the wedding of their dreams, guests have a ball, and the happy couple is not left with a crippling debt to deal with.

  1. Define Your Budget

Throwing caution to the wind and getting everything you want is fun, but it’s not fun to be paying off a wedding that took place three years ago. That’s why it is important to clearly define your budget and make sure that every dollar is spent in prudent fashion. Use coupons you can find at Discountrue or other deals services for almost anything from flowers, to clothes to decoration. Make a budget and adhere to it strictly. If you’re guessing as to whether the money is there, this a sign that you need to budget more wisely.

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