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The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference Notes


I signed up for The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference weeks ago with selfish intentions. I wanted to attend so I have an excuse to leave Metro Manila for a few days and join Yoshke, who is assigned to talk about Travel Blogging. I traveled solo three years ago in Baguio City and it would be fun to go to the highlands with the not-really-poor traveler after our epic Culion trip.

The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference in Azalea Residences

The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference in Azalea Residences | Photo grabbed from AzaleaResidences

On the 7th of May, I find myself answering a message on Facebook if I can possibly be one of the speakers for the event. It is not my first time to speak in front of an audience, but its been years since I gave out a talk about blogging. When I gave my confirmation to the organizers, I can’t help but anticipate the bus trip to the Summer Capital of Luzon. I simply want to get out of Metro Manila and enjoy a cool weather while reading a book and pigging out!

My topic for the Baguio Blog Conference is Niche Blogging. It is humbling to remember how I started as a frustrated blogger from Dagupan City to owning a number of domains and eventually venturing to niche blogging. Looking back, I conclude that I am one crazy girl with lots of Paypal credits to spend. I kept on registering domains with no intentions of focusing on each platform. At least I learned from it 😀

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Dancing at the Cebu Blog Camp 2011

If you’re thinking that i performed a dance presentation at the recently-concluded Cebu Blog Camp 2011, well, you’re wrong. Sorry for the misleading title Haha 🙂

Manila bloggers Robbie, Mica and Jhelo at the Cebu Blog Camp 2011 (Photo by Yoshke)

Last Saturday, i attended the second Cebu Blog Camp. I flew all the way from Manila to Cebu not because I have a significant role to the event, but because Cebu is a really special place for me. I quite expected to see familiar faces in the yearly event and i’m glad i pushed through with the trip.

We arrived a bit late at the venue because Robbie and I had to finish some freelance work tasks. I saw Yoshke Dimen, a blogger friend of mine whom I only see in person when we’re not in Manila (Singapore and Cebu LOL). We were able to compare notes about Christina Aguilera’s Bionic songs, but that is another story.

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See You at the Cebu Blog Camp 2011!

I’m going to Cebu for the 9th time this weekend to attend this year’s Cebu Blog Camp! Now on its second year, a number of Cebu-based bloggers united to organize Cebu’s biggest blog event. Last year, I was chosen to talk about the Basics of Blogging (Blogging 101) and I really had fun during my talk. Although I don’t have any significant participation for this year’s leg, I still booked a flight to Cebu for the weekend because of the following reasons:

Cebu Blog Camp 2011 - Are You Coming?

1. I Love Cebu! – This upcoming trip is my 9th time in the Queen City of the South, but I just can’t help but go back. The last time I went there was last August 2010 and stayed there for two days just to hangout with friends, meet up with a relative and just chill like a dude (I’m playing Jessie J’s ‘Do It Like a Dude’ now. I’m sorry haha). Originally, i planned to relocate to Cebu after my UK Trip. Almost everything a Manilenyo wants in a city is already there -only with less traffic and cheaper cost of living. Attending the Cebu Blog Camp is a perfect excuse to book a flight to Cebu and enjoy a whole day of learning.

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