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2013: The Year of Transition

2013 is the year of transition for me. It is full of lessons learned, realizations (as always!) and I can say that I am stronger, determined and inspired.

In Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire)

In Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire)

Being in your mid-twenties isn’t easy. I also spent some nights thinking of what ifs and continued to question if I should pursue things or not. Too much thinking and weighing pros and cons bored me and made me frustrated so I decided to just do what I can.  Until one day, I figured out that being lazy is the main problem. I can be productive if I choose to! Maybe I just needed a little push.

Wait… this is becoming a serious year-ender now and it is not my intention! Here’s a little glimpse of my colorful 2013:

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2012: A Year of Travel, Movies and Drag Queens

While enjoying some ‘alone time’ in a deserted park in Subic on the last afternoon of 2012, I silently browsed the pages of my planner and recall how my year was. Obviously, my year was dominated by meaningful travels – I visited five countries and managed to visit the best my home country has to offer.

One Day in Paradise – (El Nido, Palawan)

It is also the year where I saw some really nice films – mainstream and indie alike. I chose to be an audience and appreciate every character I get to know. My love and devotion for drag queens – particularly Manila Luzon and other Rupaul’s Drag Race contestants made the rest of my ‘ber’ months happy and gay. In times of depression, go and turn to drag queens! Werk!

I’ll try my best to summarize my 2012 – the year a turned 25 years old.

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2011: Time to Learn, Grow and Let Go

It’s January 1, 2012 already and I just came from the rooftop of the place where I am staying now. The inner kid in me enjoyed the colorful fireworks display and I even started a few chats with some of our neighbors. It’s funny how many people can live in one building yet they don’t really interact.

I Survived 2011!

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with two travel bloggers and accompany them look for some items in a nearby shopping place. It’s been months since I entered the tiangge area. I am not really a shopaholic and I don’t buy clothes and shoes not unless I really need it. I guess I’m just a lazy shopper and I would rather wear comfy clothes that exert extra effort to look good. Is that a good thing? I think not.

I talked to my mom via Skype and I truly miss my family and friends in the UK. Last NYE, we made noise by singing loud OPM songs via thru the Magic Sing.I think every OFW owns one to ease their homesickness and it does help!

If 2010 is the year of travel for me, I can say that 2011 is one  rollercoaster ride. I experienced some uncertainties emotionally and financially, although these are not really problems if you take a look at it in a bigger picture. Sometimes, overanalyzing things can drive you crazy. Also, ‘Too Much of something is bad enough’, no matter how good (or bad) your intentions are. Sometimes, you need to take risks, sacrifices and let go. Learn to step back and try to see where all of these are headed to.

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