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Because I’m One of the Boys

One of the Boys – I am not really sure if this is the best place to write about this thing that is bothering me as of the moment, but I will still write it here since it’s my personal blog anyway.

Most of my male friends see me as ‘One of the Boys’. No, I am not a lesbian nor a bisexual. I am not wearing loose pants and shirts either. I am just plainly one of the boys.

Just like one of the boys, I wear slippers in the hospital

Just like one of the boys, I wear slippers in the hospital

To those who know me very well, it is an open fact that I have a lot of male friends compared to the female ones. Some were even teased to me, but nothing really romantic went in the way.

See, I never had a boyfriend. Some girls my age might be alarmed if they are in a situation similar as mine. You know, being around guys but you always end up as the rose among the thorns? You are very much loved and protected by the thorns and they will prick every possible bad element who would intend to hurt you.

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i.PH Powerpuff Reunion

Cai Maki Mica . Mica Maki Cai. Maki Cai Mica . Maki Mica Cai.

If you’re thinking that I am trying to make my own tongue twister here, then you’re wrong.

I started out blogging actively in Livejournal back in 2004. After two years, I decided to make my own public account at i.pH after browsing Sexy Nomad’s blog.

I met a lot of  i.ph bloggers way back in early 2007. The interface is user-friendly and even the other i.phers were happy to be with virtually.

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