How to Make the Most Out of Your Home Office

To say that the past years have taught us numerous things is an understatement. One of the things I learned and I honestly ardently approve of is the effectivity of working from home arrangements.

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I have been working for more than a decade now and I detest going to work due to traffic. Let me tell you that the traffic situation in Metro Manila is legendary – in an uncomfortable way. Imagine wasting hours upon hours of your day stuck on the barely moving flow of vehicles. Those days, I’d daydream about working from home. Why waste your precious time stuck on a chaotic street?

Thank goodness for work from home that I can start my work day a couple of minutes after I wake up! Simply taking a quick shower, dressing up the part and making my coffee, I am good to go in a matter of minutes! Working from home has been a blessing to me since I have more time for myself. These days, I make sure to be able to squeeze in an hourly work out, eat meals with my family (nothing beats home cooked meals!), and honestly I can multitask easier while working on my deliverables.

In my current home office (I might write a full blog post about it soon),  I make sure that I position my office table near my room’s windows. And then, I discovered that those windows are having condensation. So I asked an expert, what are the main areas of condensation in double glazing? But what really amazed me the most are the glazed windows multiple options I’ve found from a good place like this Triple Glazed Windows. Now, it’s totally solved!

I also added Detectable Pens, notepads, and some photos of my favorites (my family and some of the cute merch I collected) for inspiration and you know, to give me some hope.

Ideal home office setup – plus add some BT21 merch for inspiration | Photo Credit

With the right positioning of my table, I have a cute coffee table beside it to hold all my beverages. These days, we have to make sure that we are properly hydrated, drinking at least 8 glasses a day. And of course, it holds the beverage that is most dear to me – coffee! With the coffee table by my side, it minimizes accidental spills while giving me clear access to hydration.

Beside my working table is another table that holds all my office materials – monthly calendar, alarm clock, tissues, speakers and a key holder cabinet from Too much? I don’t think so. I believe one should be on top of their game with appointments and deadlines to meet, visualizing and seeing your days and weeks allows you to be in tip top shape professionally and personally.

Because of these work ethic, it paved a way for me to get side hustle projects abroad like the UK. Although currently we are working from home, it is in my near future to move and find a home of my own. Since I still prefer to have my home office, I have been searching for houses and their corresponding costs. It is good to prepare early! Searching for houses and their costs is a breeze with the guidance of property experts like canary wharf estate agents.

After searching for house for sales in various websites, I use Mortgage Calculator to gauge the possible expenses I will be having. I can simply input the price of the house I am interested in with other details such as the intended deposit, mortgage amount, interest rate and years, it automatically calculates all the figures I need!

Sample computation (MortgageCalculatorUK)

In the photo above, it shows that I will be shelling out almost 1800 pounds per month for 300 months to be able to pay for the house I am interested in. It computes for my total loan payments and eventually total cost as well!  For someone like me who has absolutely no clue about the housing market prices in the UK, Mortgage Calculator is such a big blessing!

Now that I know what type of office works for me, and how much I will be needing for the house I am interested in, there are only a few words left to say! That is: UK, wait for me!


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