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Take it Easy… Take it Easy!

Movies. Travel. Love. Life. Seven Weeks. For the past few days, I’ve been contemplating about these keywords in real life.

Take it Easy - Enjoy to the Fullest

Take it Easy – Enjoy to the Fullest

I’ve been chatting regularly with some close friends of mine whom I will call ‘Sizzy’ and ‘Badet’. Let me elaborate on what’s been bugging me lately that’s keeping me worried and anxious while in bed.

MOVIES – Last Sunday, I went to a big family reunion. I am impressed with the achievements of my relatives and it is good to know that some of them are known names in their respective fields. I saw some politicians, celebrities, chefs and a blogger named Mica (LOLWHUT). Family reunions never fail to amaze me and how I find it hard to talk and introduce myself to most of them. I am shy in real-life.

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The Marimar Connection: Short but Sweet Conversation with Cambodian Vendors

Hello from Siem Reap! I am on my 5th night here and to be honest, I don’t want to leave! I just love the laid-back feel of this place. It is not as chaotic as other tourist destinations and it is a big relief that most Cambodians can speak english.


Talking to Pre Rup vendors (Photo by Andrew Mamangun)

It’s just the second day of our Angkor Wat Tour yet I’m already experiencing the so-called Temple Overload. I can’t help but feel amazed on how the ancient Cambodians created these temples and structures. Temple-hopping on a very hot day is not really that ideal because you the heat will suck your energy.

That morning, we first visited the famous Ta Prohm temple. If you’re a Tomb Raider fan, you will surely know why. I got too tired in exploring that specific temple that’s why I got a bit lazy on the second stop, which is the Pre Rup. I seated in one of the corners where some of the tired tourists were taking a break. I then saw a Cambodian man in his mid-twenties who unleashes his creative side by painting some of Siem Reap’s historical landmarks and sell it to tourists. On the side, there are young kids selling various products like bracelets, bamboo flute and postcards.

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