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5 Car Arcade Games You Can Play

One of the greatest gifts in life, that most people take for granted is the gift of mobility. This means being able to go from one place to another on a whim without considering any other factors.

If I want to go to a short holiday down south, I can easily do so. I will just pack a bag, hop in a car and just drive. Well that’s the perfect scenario. But right now I am not yet ready to take driving lessons to make it possible nor I currently own my own vehicle.

BT21 babies driving around

But with those in the near future, I am preparing myself in the meantime by playing  car arcade games. Practice, even virtual practice, makes perfect as they say!

Here are some car arcade games that you can play online. Not only that it is highly entertaining, it also gives me a sense of fulfillment. Here are my top picks:

1. Nick Racing Stars 

Nick Racing Stars is the first car arcade I played in the list. It was fun because I was assigned to SpongBob SquarePants’ character! And having him as my character while we race across a track full of obstacles, mud, speed bumps, and various challenges, it was really fun! I admire the developers for even designing the track similarly to a grand prix tournament! I also got to play with other characters such as Patrick, Raph, Donnie, Mikey, Leo, Tommy, Timmy, Chloe, Babe, Kenzie, Henry, Alvin, Red Ranger, Lincoln, Lola, Abreasive Spongebob, Tiger Claw, Shredder, or Snide. Fun and relaxing! Although you might want to get a gaming keyboard because this game is so engrossing!

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How Playing Games Can Help You Relax

Having watched In The Soop 2, with all the chill vibes and entertainment, it inspired me to look back and reassess my life for the past months. I have been working non-stop! I have to make rest day a truly relaxing day.

“To me, resting is not putting meaning into time spent for self-improvement.” – Jin. 

A line that resonates with me was the statement from the world wide handsome himself, JIN. He said that during rest day, no work should be involved. Rest day should be plainly that – a day of rest.

That is why lately I have been playing and enjoying myself with some of the games from this site: Apart from Solitaire, the site also has different games you could play! Here are two of my favorites.


Letter Scramble

Hello my favorite childhood board game Letter Scramble! I am such a wanna-be connoisseur of words! Specifically, I love the challenge of finding and creating words from a set of letters otherwise non-legible to others. It gives me the sense of excitement as I rearrange and arrange letters to make sense. Add the challenge of a ticking clock, then the excitement nothing but doubled! Apart from the game itself, I love how the website is just user-friendly, very straightforward and easy to navigate. It doesn’t need any fancy computer knowledge or other equipment for you to enjoy this game.

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Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody Videos

PSY invaded not only Asia, but the whole world through his signature dance move Gangnam Style. I first heard about it through Hannah when Nelly Furtado performed this KPOP hit in her concert last month here in Manila. All the while, I thought only Asia is fond of this fun song and dance move. I laughed upon learning that PSY went to the US of A to teach Ellen and Britney Spears his signature Gangnam Style moves. Woohoo!

Bogart The Explorer shows that #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines!

Almost country have a bundle of Gangnam Style videos to boot – the Philippines included! I also want to make my own version of the Gangnam Style Parody video, but I guess that can wait. For now, let me share some of my favorite Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody Videos I found via Youtube. Enjoy!

MOCHA GIRLS – Gangnam Style Sexy Version

– I think this is the first Gangnam Style Pinoy Parody that reached 1M views. I cannot blame the audience since it is the MOCHA GIRLS that we’re talking about here. The girl group projects a sexy and provocative image, but they can be fun (and a little wholesome… just a little.) too. The only understandable line from the song ‘Hey… sexy lady!’ is applicable to this video. HAHA!

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