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#iResist: Stop The Bullying!

The internet is a very helpful tool in communication and as a resource of handful information. Imagine how hard it is for our ancestors to contact their relatives and friends abroad. You need to wait for weeks or months just to receive one letter. A phone call is expensive and a telegram message delivery can be unreliable at times. Now, we have emails and instant messaging programs and the good thing there is you can just download it for free.

No to Cyber Bullying! Photo Credit:

Remember the days when then the library is one of the best and most reliable place to look for concrete information? In the old days, they used to go through all the reference books and journals just to get the details they need and it can take hours or even days to look for specific data. Now, all you have to do is go to your favorite search engine, type the keyword and kaboom! The links are there and all you have to do is verify which of which delivers the right write-up.

The Internet is a big help to us and we are lucky that we can do a lot of stuff conveniently. What if the internet is not used in a good way?

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I Support’s Pencil Project

The Pencil. What can a Pencil do? It is just a simple tool that can launch a thousand ideas. I remember when I was younger, I had my own magic pencil case. I kept three, which i usually use in school. As I grew older, i shifted to pens and now I am blogging with the use of the keyboard. Pencil might be a small tool, but it can be a source of something big.

I Support HWH's Pencil Project

A few weeks ago, Manu informed me about this new online hotel called What caught my attention is that the people behind this online hotel booking website is actively supporting some charities. partnered up with Efren Penaflorida’s Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) for HWH Pencil Project Signature Campaign. How does it work? All you have to do is sign up via the HWH Facebook Page and go to the Pencil Project tab for the Digital Signature. HWH will donate 1 pencil to DTC for every digital signature (Like and Sign Ups) collected.

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Bagyong Pepeng in Northern Luzon

Just this morning, I read some Plurks of concerned individuals regarding the present condition of provinces like Benguet, La Union and Pangasinan wherein Bagyong Pepeng is keeping the provinces devastated with the heavy rain pours and strong winds.

R.A. Gapuz building flooded in Brgy Bolosan, Dagupan. Photo taken by Pia de Vera

R.A. Gapuz building flooded in Brgy Bolosan, Dagupan. Photo taken by Pia de Vera

As someone who resided in Pangasinan since birth, I can say that the people in our province are used to this scenario already. I admire how my fello Pangasinense are able to cope up with such tragedy despite the fact that Norther Luzon received less media exposure and donations way back.

The cyber bayanihan through Facebook, Twitter and Plurk done during the Bagyong Ondoy season proven that Bayanihan still exist among us Filipinos. Now, our brothers and sisters from up north needs your help.

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