PENTHOUSE – The Place I Once Called Home

Today is Easter Sunday. I bet most of my readers are sleeping as I type this entry at 3AM. I’m not yet sure if i’ll be taking the 3:30 AM bus trip to Manila or the 4AM or 5 or 6. I blame my work schedule on why I have to leave Dagupan City on a Sunday.


Guess who spent 15 years of her life living in that penthouse?

See, i had no plans of going back here in Dagupan last week. I decided five hours before I left Manila that I will be spending my Holy Week break in a nice hotel in the Bangus City. It was my dream since I was a kid that at least I try to stay here even just for one night and now it feels good that I finally fulfilled that plan of mine.

Most of my Dagupan-based friends asked me why I didn’t go to our house. Well, Lolo and Lola went to Naga for the yearly reunion of the Santamaria’s. I never had the chance to visit their new place (they moved out just this January) and yes, I don’t have a key so how can I enter in the house? πŸ˜›

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to have my very own version of Dagupan Photowalk. It was only now that I appreciate every little detail in this city through the photos I took. Now I see the old buildings which was never revamped after the 1990 earthquake, the ruins caused by the different typhoons that struck the city and all the other details that I would rather not elaborate here. Let us just say that I didn’t really explore Dagupan City that much.

Then I went back to our old house/school.

If you are thinking that I used to live inside a University campus, well, you’re right.

My school address is same with my home address. I live a few steps away from the school buildings. I lived at the third floor of the administration building. I spent almost 15 years of my life living at the penthouse. It was a place full of tragic and wonderful memories. It is the prime witness of my happiest and saddest moments. Every corner of the house reminds me of something beautiful – or something I would rather forget. It reminded me of typhoons, sickness, deep emotional moments and nerve-cracking incidents. But majority of these memories are inspiring, happy, truthful, comforting and loving.

Let me share to you some snapshots I took from our old house. The school administration transformed it into a bodega of some sorts LOL


The Stairs to the Penthouse

Our Room

Our Room - Four people occupied this room


Old photographs, old memories

Look at my debut tarp LOL

Left Part of the Big Room - And some things I need to fix

The Living Room

Lolo's Living Room - Where the big tv and my laptop desk was placed.

Lolo and Lola's Room

Lolo and Lola's Room


Our usual tambayan every siesta afternoon

Living/Dining Room

Mica and Carlo's Living Room - where toys, tv, radio and other chevers were located

Maid's Room

The Other Room - where I last saw my dad breathing


The Kitchen - where the best paella, bulalo and sinigang were cooked by Ate Virgie or by Papa

Family Tree Project

My Family Tree Project way back in Elementary

Hongkong 1994 Pics

Photos taken in 1994

My First Investment

Sharp Radio - My First 'Gadget' Investment



Dagupena Emo

Memories of the Past. Too bad I don't live here anymore

Before I started writing this entry, I told myself that I will not cry. Guess what? my laptop’s keyboard is wet with tears. I am not really sad or disappointed, but seeing the parts of the house empty automatically gives flashbacks on some of the most important events of my life particularly those spent with every member of the family. It feels weird that I can no longer call it my ‘home’. I’m happy though that I was able to take pictures of the penthouse before the real owner decides to renovate every part of it. I need to go back as soon as possible and transfer some of our things to Manila or in the other house here in Dagupan.

Why I Love Rooftops and Sunsets

The Everyday Sunset View from the Penthouse =)

Look at the sunset! Lovely view, right? I remember sitting every 5:30 in the afternoon with me looking at the sunset while reviewing or playing with my brother. With this specific sunset, i guess it pertains to the end of my official stay in that penthouse. At least I can always go back there and reminisce. =)

It’s 3:30AM now and I need to pack my things as I will rush to the bus terminal and catch the next trip back to Manila, my new home.


10 thoughts on “PENTHOUSE – The Place I Once Called Home

  1. dang

    nakaka-sad talaga ang bumalik sa isang lugar na dati ay punong puno ng alaala. masaya man ito o hindi, mararamdaman mo ung feeling na bumalik ka sa nakaraan. sa bawat kuha ng iyong camera, mayron at mayron kang maalala. sa bawat sulok ng lugar na iyon, nagbabalik ang bawat eksena. naramdaman ko yong lungkot sa kwentong ito. pero ang mahalaga, lagi tayong handa para harapin ang mga susunod na araw. more powers, mica…

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