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Independent Film Festivals in the Philippines: A Quick Guide for cinephiles

Manila is now popular as a megacity that is ideal for cinephiles. Although it usually show Pinoy romantic comedies and Hollywood blockbusters, movie-goers today embrace the introduction of independent film festivals which showcase originally made Filipino films.As a matter of fact, it’s no secret that many film buffs from around the world visit the Philippines just to watch local films which help boost Philippine tourism in that aspect. Many luxury hotels and even budget inns in Manila, especially the ones near Cultural Center of the Philippines or Quezon City, get full bookings during the festival duration. Patron of the arts are willing to spend just to take part in these inspiring gatherings!

Film lovers gather once a year in the Cultural Center of the Philippines to support their favorite Cinemalaya entries

Film lovers gather once a year in the Cultural Center of the Philippines to support their favorite Cinemalaya entries

The annual hosting of local film festivals made Metro Manila popular among film makers and film watchers hailing from various parts of the globe. Now, refer to the following list of independent film festivals in the Philippines for a quick guide on what to expect in the indie film industry!

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MMFF 2015 Movie Review: Honor Thy Father starring John Lloyd Cruz

Honor Thy Father is the most controversial entry featured at the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival. I remember being upset when I found out this John Lloyd Cruz starer and the historical women empowerment movie Lakambini led by Lovi Poe didn’t make it to the final cut announced last June.


MMFF Awards bagged by ‘Honor Thy Father’ team

Hermano Puli backed out last October due to the lack of budget and by the time Honor Thy Father was offered a slot, the film was already screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and slated to be the opening film of CinemaOne Originals 2015. I read some press releases about that and clearly, the people behind MMFF 2015 are fully aware of the arrangements. The sudden disqualification of Honor Thy Father for the Best Picture award a day before the awards night remains a mystery.

Anyway, I’m not writing this post to update everyone with this ongoing issue (can’t keep my mouth shut) as I’m a Pinoy movie fan. I cannot say this is my personal favorite among the 8 entries, but it does deserve a recognition. This is also a ‘test’ on whether Pinoy moviegoers are open to supporting such theme.

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MMFF 2015 Movie Review: All You Need is Pag-Ibig

If you’re looking for a movie that both kids and adults will enjoy this holiday season, I highly recommend that you watch “All You Need is Pag-Ibig”. The star-studded cast of this movie will remind you the different types of love, which doesn’t only revolve in the romantic love.

Powerful Cast of 'All You Need Is Pag-Ibig'

Powerful Cast of ‘All You Need Is Pag-Ibig’

Under the direction of Hugot Queen Antoinette Jadaone and screenplay by Yoshke Dimen (You’re My Boss), I can say that the characters of the movie perfectly depicts the present struggles of modern pinoys experience and all the elements you’re looking for in a feel-good mainstream film is here.

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