Saving Up for 2025: The BTS Reunion Comeback Plan

2025 is a highly-anticipated year for BTS ARMY. It is the year when most likely, all the members of BTS have already completed their military duties and hopefully, they’ll be ending the year with a banger comeback album and have a world tour!

As of writing, only 3 out of 7 members have enlisted. The remaining four are making sure their fans are well-fed with solo projects and endorsements. Suga even had his own solo world tour before enlisting in the military. The younger members are releasing albums, making rounds with special interviews and performances and going live on Weverse every now and then just to check on their beloved ARMY.

RJ, are you working hard or hardly working for money?

My bias is Jin and I won’t deny that I’ve been missing his presence so much especially now that his birthday is fast approaching (I’ve associated the month of December to him and V since I became a fan in 2020). He is set to discharge on June 12, 2024 – just in time for the group’s 11th anniversary the next day!

Now that I only have less than a year to prepare for his release day, my close ARMY friends and I decided to plan and save up funds for Jin’s possible solo releases – he might release a full or mini-album, star in a KDrama (he originally intended to become an actor) or even design more merch with BT21 RJ and Wootteo the Astronaut in mind.

Though I’ve been traveling locally this year, I haven’t gone on an international trip since 2020. I plan to go to South Korea soon with my fellow ARMY friends and having said that, I have to work harder and smarter in order to make my dream Borahae trip come true.

While chatting with a friend, we came up with the following plans:

  1. Open a separate bank account for our Borahae trip

    I was honestly on track financially when 2023 started – until unforeseen expenses got in the way. I got anxious when episodes assigned to me at the show I work at was lessened. Thankfully, a new opportunity came in and grabbed it. I am happy with the fact that I have a regular gig now with a schedule so I can think ahead with advanced stories to work on when I know I will be busy. I am planning to open a separate bank account by the end of the year so I can allot some money on the ‘Borahae’ account.

  2. Resist the temptation of buying merch

    During the first two years of the pandemic, I got hooked in collecting BTS-related merch – particularly albums and the plushies of RJ, the alpaca character of Jin in BT21. Before I knew it, my room was dominated by this cute alpaca character. Yes, he does make me feel happy and calm, but I often spent my money on the merch to the point that I wasn’t able to save enough money. This year though, I’ve only acquired one new RJ plushie. That’s a big improvement!

  3. Draft an itinerary and possible expenses

    Though I often thought that I was bad with money, it took years to realize that I was just wasn’t earning enough. Apart from saving, I’ve also learned that I really need to prioritize my wants and needs.

    Good thing I have a friend whose hobby is planning trips way ahead and budgeting. With the help of the savings calculator feature of, she was able to present her first draft of possible itinerary, accommodations and expenses in case we go to South Korea next year. Talk about planning in advance!

  4. Enjoy our fangirling life

    Last October, I attended my first-ever fanmeeting experience (will blog about that soon!). I really had a blast and what I appreciate most about that day is how I was able to really let go of the stress from work by staying in an accommodation near the venue, attending fan-organized activities, catching up with a friend and just letting go and enjoying our favorite idol’s music and performances. We lived in the present!

I am looking forward to the day the seven members of BTS will reunite, record an album, shoot Run BTS episodes and go on a world tour together. While waiting for that moment, I will work on my own projects and concentrate on important people and things. Live life to the fullest! 


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