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Niño by Loy Arcenas at the Cinemalaya 2011 Film Festival

Last Saturday, I attended the Gala Premiere of the movie Niño, a Loy Arcenas film which is competing under the New Breed Category of Cinemalaya Film Festival 2011. It is not my first time to watch a movie in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. In fact, this is my third time to attend this yearly appreciation of Philippine movies. What made this day special is I was able to watch a movie with my grandfather. How cool is that?

Loy Arcenas with the cast and crew of Niño

Loy Arcenas with the cast and crew of Niño

We arrived at 6PM just in time for the screening. I saw some familiar faces at the cinema and happy with the number of people seated while waiting for the movie to start. This year’s line up of movies are all promising as they tackle different topics from different genre. It is quite noticeable that in among all the movies competing, Niño didn’t really have a ‘giant’ mainstream star that can really help promote the film by making his/her life controversial to the press. The trailer is dominated by strong characters and opera-inspired music. The synopsis posted in the press release is quite intriguing yet it looks so serious. Most people were expecting a melodramatic film full of shouting and crying scenes… but no.

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Turning 24 and Directing My Own Life

I’m turning twenty four tomorrow! Yikes. I am turning twenty four. One year to go and i’m about to say hello to my silver year on planet earth. I am thankful i’m still alive and kicking!

At the set of The 12th of June (July 2009)

To be honest, i’m quite bored. When I turned 23, i had so much positive vibe in me. I love being busy doing the things i am passionate about. Unfortunately for now, i am here in my room stuck the whole day trying to do something productive. I have colds and i think my ear problem is back. Aside from that, i’m bored. Boredom is a disease that kills.

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POSITIVE (Short Film) at

Last year, I was able to work on my third short film. It was something that I conceptualized after I finished editing my two previous films (Kuya Bunso and The 12th of June). I originally planned to make a five minute ‘infomercial’ that can raise awareness on HIV with no dialogues. I ended up playing with the main characters until it became a 17 minute screenplay.

The cast and crew of 'Positive' after shooting a complicated scene

The story of POSITIVE revolves around Celine Antonio, a young married promiscuous woman who is about to face the consequences of her infidelity. Is this based on a specific true story? Nope, but it is inspired from true events.

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