BABY SPICE, Please Don’t Stop: Emma Bunton, What Took You So Long?

Two months from now, the Spice Girls – the most successful girl group in the world- is set to reunite as a four-piece (minus my favorite Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham).

Emma Bunton releases her 4th album – My Happy Place!

A few weeks ago, Emma Bunton a.k.a. Baby Spice released a new single entitled “Baby Please Don’t Stop”. Of course, I am happy because to be honest, she has the voice of an angel. I also love it whenever she harmonizes with Victoria or Melanie B in their tracks. That sweet, soothing voice of hers must be heard more.

When the Spice Girls disbanded, most fans (and haters) tracked on which among the Spice Girls will succeed as solo artists. Twenty years after, they now have their own families, pursue other passion projects and have a fair share of controversy.

I am a fan of Emma Bunton’s solo work as a singer especially with her sophomore album ‘Free Me’. This album was released when the Bossa Nova hype is just starting. Sadly, I don’t think the album reached Southeast Asia. Only true fans know the promotional singles which I think did well in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Actually, ‘Free Me’ is one of the albums included in my ‘productivity playlist’. I just listen to some songs and before you know it, I’ve written a full blog post already (which is a struggle sometimes).

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The Underrated ‘Liberation’ album of Christina Aguilera

In case you didn’t know, Christina Aguilera released an album last year called ‘Liberation‘.

You’re not aware of it? I can’t blame you. I’ve never heard her song played on local radio here in the Philippines and that is such a downer. It’s been more than five years since she released the ‘Lotus’ album, which featured the songs like ‘Your Body’, ‘Just a Fool’ and ‘Let There Be Love’.

Christina Aguilera

You also don’t know these songs? I can’t blame you again!

This is the reason why I am sad with what happened to Christina Aguilera’s mainstream chart performance. I remember buying her first album when I was in sixth grade and automatically made her my ‘replacement’ to my Spice Girls addiction. Although I also dig Britney Spears, Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson, there was something in Christina Aguilera that I really liked – she’s pretty, a good dancer, a fighter from the very start and yes, she is a good singer. No lipsyncing allowed!

I have memories of singing and dancing ‘Genie in a Bottle’, ‘Come on Over’ and ‘What a Girl Wants’ for school programs. I also dedicated the song ‘I Turn to You’ to my father when he arrived home from somewhere I don’t want to disclose and he cried. He tear up again when I tempted to belt out the high notes of the bridge of the song. Why did I even try?

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5 North American Hotels With Incredible Views

Destination matters most when planning a vacation. Usually, this means considering what actual city or town you’re visiting, and what there is to do there. But what if you’re just in the mood to relax, and want to do it away from home? What if you don’t want an active or busy vacation, but just a chance to get away and relax a little bit? In cases like these, the hotel itself can be the most important consideration, and the idea of “destination” can be narrowed somewhat.

Naturally there are awesome hotels all over the world, some affordable and some over-the-top expensive. Rather than just focusing on the so-called best hotels though, we’re going to focus on an enhanced experience through surroundings. Specifically, we’re looking at some of the North American hotels that happen to have the best views. They can make for lazy, relaxing vacations that are all the better.

Mandarin Oriental – New York City, United States

New York always sounds like a busy, almost hectic place to vacation, and it certainly can be. The city has a way of draining one’s energy more or less automatically. However, if you’re thinking of New York from a standpoint of luxury hotels, it can be a different experience altogether. High-rise hotels in the city can be incredibly luxurious, and put you up in arguably the world’s most famous skyline. Among such hotels, none can match the views from the Mandarin Oriental, which towers over Colombus Circle at the lower west corner of Central Park. The views of upper midtown Manhattan, the park itself, and the buildings along the famous Fifth Avenue across the park, are absolutely amazing. And even if you decide to venture out, you’re in one of the more relaxing parts of Manhattan. There’s plenty to do in Central Park without ever really venturing into the concrete jungle comprised of streets and buildings.

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