A Beginner’s Guide to Cordless Drills

Everyone should have a DIY toolbox. Even independent girls might need to carry out emergency repairs once in a while. Achieving that could empower you to attempt more demanding (and satisfying) projects for your apartment.

Photo Source: Jpost.com

Photo Source: Jpost.com

Start your collection with small, but essential items that any flat or house dweller might need before moving on to advanced equipment. Do you go for corded or cordless? The big advantage with the latter is its flexibility and absence of trailing cords, which is annoying and dangerous.

Going for cordless equipment means handling rechargeable batteries which are bulky and heavy. Nowadays, that’s not such a problem with more streamlined versions offering alternative lithium-ion cells that are lighter and longer lasting. These cells are also quicker in terms of recharging. Although they’re more expensive, you probably won’t have to buy extras beyond the ones that come with your purchase anyway. Unless you are really into Do-it-yourself projects, of course! In that case, it will be worth the extra expense.

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5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Costs

While most of us are used to the idea that weddings are costly, this does not have to become a fact of life. Breaking the bank for your wedding and throwing an awesome shindig is great, until you realize that you’ve spent your disposable income for the next several years. By listening to these helpful tips, you can save a bundle on your wedding.

Photo Credit: Pep.PH

  1. Ask For Cash Gifts

This used to be considered crass, but in the modern world, where the husband and wife both work for a living, it is practical. When you ask for cash gifts, it works in the guests’ favor, as you are able to throw a much nicer wedding party for them to enjoy themselves at. It’s a win/win, as couples get to have the wedding of their dreams, guests have a ball, and the happy couple is not left with a crippling debt to deal with.

  1. Define Your Budget

Throwing caution to the wind and getting everything you want is fun, but it’s not fun to be paying off a wedding that took place three years ago. That’s why it is important to clearly define your budget and make sure that every dollar is spent in prudent fashion. Use coupons you can find at Discountrue or other deals services for almost anything from flowers, to clothes to decoration. Make a budget and adhere to it strictly. If you’re guessing as to whether the money is there, this a sign that you need to budget more wisely.

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The Costa Rica Dream Wedding

Just like any other young girl who read bunch of fairy tales, I also envisioned my ‘wedding’. In high school, I even thought of having a beach wedding because of a beauty queen who got married in Boracay. The fact that their marriage broke down just a few years after discouraged the idealistic me, but I still want an exciting, romantic and memorable one. Who wouldn’t?


Photo Credit: http://www.travelexcellence.com/

One time, I happen to read an entry from a fellow blogger about her dream Costa Rica Wedding and I have to admit that I’m impressed. Why? Read on…

Romantic Atmosphere

Costa Rica is one of the most romantic countries in the world. Its beaches and rainforests are overflowing with love vibe. That’s why they are considered to be the best wedding destinations on earth. Numerous people have travelled to get married in this country and they can still feel the romance when they got home.

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