Why ‘Paris Hilton’ is Good Business

Once upon a time, Paris Hilton was the pop star to watch.


Nothing in This World can stop Paris

Most netizens (me included) must have known about the existence of this hotel heiress because of her infamous video tape that leaked years ago. Instead of letting it affect her self-confidence, this woman used it as an opportunity to join the glitzy world of showbiz!

Paris Hilton collaborated with fellow socialite Nicole Ritchie for the reality-based show ‘The Simple Life’, which garnered positive reviews from the critics. I can say that Paris Hilton is one of the most successful reality TV stars ever.


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Movie Review: Maybe This Time (Coco Martin and Sarah Geronimo)

Star Cinema is definitely the main source of Pinoy RomComs with English titles inspired by old songs revived by a local singer. Like its title and theme song, the concept of ‘Maybe This Time’ is not new. There’s the probinsyano meets kolehiyala angle where the two end up falling for each other only to be separated by someone’s intervention. Years later, they meet again. Maybe this time they’ll be a couple once and for all… Maybe This Time.


Two old friends meet again..

Two old friends meet again..


Ate Lenny is a big Coco Martin fan that’s why I’ve decided to treat her for a movie night on the first night of showing. This better be good!


I didn’t expect much from this movie, which is a good thing. We all know that Sarah Geronimo is the RomCom Queen of Philippine Movies (sorry Toni Gonzaga!) and we just love her antics. Coco Martin is a respected teleserye actor, but his timing in comedy is yet to be tested.

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Movie Review: So It’s You

First attempt: Originally planned to watch the movie in Manila alone when one of my friends convinced me to watch ‘Last Vegas’ instead so we can go to the cinema together when we’re both available.

One of my favorite moments in the movie. Sana ako na lang si Carla :))

One of my favorite moments in the movie. Sana ako na lang si Carla :))

Second Attempt: My friend Ruby and I were already in Robinson’s Pangasinan when the lady at the cinema told me that Cinema 1 encountered a technical glitch and that the movie won’t be shown that day. I even asked if they can move the film to Cinema 2, 3 or 4, but they couldn’t do it since Spiderman, Godzilla and a horror film had moviegoers on it already.

I was a bit frustrated because I really want to watch it. I am not a super duper big fan of any of the cast members, but the trailer is just too cool! I want to watch a romance-comedy and Jun Lana is one of my favorite directors, whether that’s a mainstream or indie movie project.

Third Attempt: Spent the weekend in Davao for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour. I was pleased when I saw ‘So It’s You’ on the list of movies shown at SM Lanang Premier. The gang decided to watch ‘The Other Woman’ on Monday night and I was determined to watch ‘So It’s You’ on Tuesday afternoon before my flight back to Manila.  What is dedication? Haha!

So there. I bought my ticket and went straight to a vacant seat.

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