Online Shopping: Sears Promo Codes

The Christmas season is fast approaching! Surely, shoppers will go straight to their favorite shopping mall and take advantage of the discounted items on sale.

Shop Shop Shop!

Being the lazy shopper that I am, I find online shopping really convenient. Not only do you save exra moolah on transportation fare or gasoline – you also save time by just browsing items, placing your orders and wait for the goodies to be shipped to your home!

I may spend most of my money on travel and food, but I am quite thrifty when it comes to clothes and gadgets. It is the reason why I subscribed to my favorite group buying websites and I take advantage of online midnight sales.

Here are some of the lessons I learned about Effective Online Shopping. The fact that I stayed for a few months in the UK meant more online shopping and shipping options for me :P

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Nordstrom Promo Codes

I haven’t been to America, but I know that a Nordstrom shop may intimidate a number of shoppers. Why? The shops depict sophistication and we all know that most fashionista would rather maximize their moolah by visiting shops that offer affordable but quality items.



Like what I mentioned in previous fashion-related posts, I’m lazy. I only spend a lot on food and travel. I rarely buy clothes and shoes, but I make sure to get the items with good materials when I splurge on it. Even at twenty seven, I usually wear comfortable clothes especially when I travel in tropical countries. I do have a number of dresses though (mostly black) that are quite pricey, but I know it will stay in my closet forever.

Speaking of shopping lazy, let me express my love for online shopping. There are some websites that do offer nice pieces at an affordable rate. One of the websites I visited last year while I was staying somewhere in the UK is Nordstrom. They sell a number of fashionable boots, coats and dresses. The burden of carrying paper bags containing bulky clothes might mean disaster, so shipping makes everything so easy!

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15 Movies That Will Always Stay With You

There is an ongoing meme on Facebook wherein you have to list down 15 Movies That Will Always Stay With You. Some friends tagged me, but I chose to just write a blog entry about it since this supposedly personal blog of mine is inactive. Thank you Renz for the idea!


Jason and Keka

This is for Jeman, Darwin and Andrew :) Eto na…


– An unlikely bond formed between a woman in her 60’s searching for her missing son and a journalist who needs to come up with a good story in order to regain the trust of the publishers. Based on a true story, this movie tells that even the ‘holy’ ones can lie and commit a sin.

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