How Geri Halliwell Broke My Heart

Ginger Spice leaves the Spice Girls?! WHAT?!


On 31 May 1998, Halliwell announced her departure from the Spice Girls. Through her solicitor (i.e. attorney) she stated: “Sadly I would like to confirm that I have left the Spice Girls. This is because of differences between us. I’m sure the group will continue to be successful and I wish them all the best.”

“PS: I’ll be back”.


It’s been fourteen years, but I can still remember how broken-hearted I was when Geri Halliwell a.k.a. Ginger Spice left the Spice Girls. Why leave the group? Why fail your fans? Why fail me?

What’s Your Favorite Film? SPICE WORLD THE MOVIE!

In early 1998, there were rumours spreading around that Victoria Adams (now Beckham) is planning to leave the group to start a new family. Geri is considered as the leader of the group. Being the oldest and the main advocate of the ‘Girl Power’ tag, I didn’t expect that she will leave the group. I know how ambitious she was and how determined she is to make her dreams come true. I know her humble beginnings to her frustrations while growing up and finally getting that big break to be a part of the most successful girlband in the world. HOW COULD YOU?! I looked up to you yet you did this to me and the rest of your loyal fans from all over the world. You betrayed us 🙁

It may sounds unlikely to some people, but the Spice Girls helped me get through the tough times in my life. That time, I had some personal problems (taray! personal problems eh nasa elementary pa LOL) and aside from school, I would divert my attention to my Spice Girls addiction. Thanks to my cousin who is also a Spice Girls fanatic, she would share some of her Spice Girls magazines (official and unofficial) for me to read. She would give me some posters too. In school, I would save twenty pesos every week just for me to buy that Spice Girls Chupa Chups Lollipop. I collected the stickers and covers. I would also ask my mom to buy me some song magazines and cut their pictures to make a collage. I have my own Spice Girls memorabilia which will sadly be destroyed by the  Bagyong Milenyo (or is that Gading? 0_0). I cried that time not because of the effect of the storm to my town, but because my Spice Girls memorabilias were washed out. Huhu.

A Geri Halliwell write-up by Philippine Daily Inquirer

Sometime in June 1999, Geri Halliwell went to the Manila. It is her first public appearance after leaving the Spice Girls. I asked my grandfather if he can take me with him to Manila that weekend, but he said I need to stay at home and study 0_0  Geri Halliwell went here as the spokesperson of UN and promote the use of contraceptives. As usual, some were against her purpose of visit. I cannot find a photo of her visit online, but I had it in my memorabilia. I was a bit angry at her when I saw her interview on TV, but I am more happy because the Girl Power vibe is still with her. She’s back minus the red hair and the skimpy outfit. I love Geri still!

After a few months, she released the music video ‘LOOK AT ME‘ and one of the most controversial scene there is the ‘burial’ of Ginger Spice. She truly knows how to make herself the talk of the town, huh? I asked my parents if they can buy the cassette tape of SCHIZOPHONIC as a Christmas gift. They said yes, but I need to do good at school first. I’m glad that my hard work paid off and got my reward.

Geri Halliwell and the aliens in 'Lift Me Up' Music Video

Geri Halliwell and the aliens in ‘Lift Me Up’ Music Video

But  a month prior to receiving that gift, I was rushed to the hospital for an operation. The music video for the song ‘Lift Me Up‘ was released on MTV and the Spice Girls were scheduled to perform their new single ‘HOLLER‘ through the MTV Europe Music Awards. Later on, the rest of the Spice Girls released their solo works and I collected them.

I’m glad that the Spice Girls reunited for the London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony. I cried upon watching the video! I am also looking forward to the VIVA FOREVER! The Spice Girls Musical. I still love the girls after all these years <3

Are you a big fan of the Spice Girls? How did you feel when Geri Halliwell left the group? 



3 thoughts on “How Geri Halliwell Broke My Heart

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  2. Katia

    Hi Mica,

    I went to your site because I saw some photos of three sixty bar that had on it–so happened that I have a friend named Mica, and we spell it Myx too 🙂

    Anyway, I super love this Geri Halliwell post. I mean, yes, this was my generation too. Heartbreaking and those are the things you don’t understand at that age, why people leave a group they became famous with. I was ecstatic that they were back (sans the overthetop costumes) for the London Olympics.

    Hope to read more of your posts.

    xx Katia

  3. Sarah.L

    Geri and Emma are my favourite Spice Girls. When Geri left, I remember on the news, there was a little girl telling the news reporter how Geri had “Let the whole country down!”. So cute. ??

    I wonder why she didn’t just rent a small flat or rent a room in a hotel instead of having to hide in George Michael’s house.


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