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Pamper Thursday @ Pretty Tipsy Nail & Waxing Salon

Whenever I am in Dagupan City, I make it a point to visit Pretty Tipsy Nail & Waxing Salon. Nah, I am not gulping hard drinks while having my nails done (although guests can do that by special request, me thinks). I just feel that I deserve some pampering after traveling.

Lakwatseras need pampering too!

Lakwatseras need pampering too!

Right after our quick Tambobong Beach Independence Day Getaway last month, Gay and I met up at Stargreen Promenade for a girl bonding afternoon in Dagupan City’s kikay hub. With the pinkish facade and girlish interior design, customers will automatically feel extra kikay.

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I Keep Coming Back to Dagupan!

Last week, I went to Dagupan City. My main purpose is to attend the wedding of Ruby, one of my closest friends in high school. I admit feeling lazy to travel by bus again since I want to just work on my laptop the whole week, but this is an important event in a friend’s life that I shouldn’t miss.

Lost in Tebeng but still smiling =)

Together with Maire (another close high school friend of mine), we rode the 9AM Five Star Bus trip from Cubao to Dagupan. I stayed in their place and it is my first time to visit her house in YEARS. I am quite surprised that there’s a lot of CCTV cameras around! I guess it’s for safety purposes since they have some apartment spaces for rent on the third floor. One time, I got caught dancing via CCTV 0_o Still thinking if I should upload that part or not =))

Anyway, I want to share what I did in Dagupan last week. I am planning to write about the different establishments I’ve been to in Senyorita and will write a longer entry about Ruby’s wedding soon.

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Way Back to my Hometown

My trip to Dagupan City the other weekend is quite productive even if I only spent four days there. Now I appreciate the importance of going back to your hometown and revisiting some of the important people who you were with while growing up. I went back to Binalonan, my mother’s hometown after three years of not visiting my relatives there. I am not proud of my sort of negligence of visiting them, but I think they do understand.

Tigpi-pisong tsitsirya sa munting tindahan sa Binalonan

A lot of things have changed: Some of my cousins are now devoted parents to their kids and our ancestral house has a sari-sari store installed on it. I bought a lot of junk foods that cost around one peso per pack. I spent Php15 all in all =P It is also nice to visit and appreciate the simple and relaxed provincial life in the Philippines.

It is also nice to exchange views with my older female cousins. We were there just updating about what happened to our lives in the past three years. They asked me about my former job at a controversial medical clinic, the Pinoy celebrities I met, my Pinoy Parazzi articles (they bought some copies yehey!) and about my non-existing lovelife. I am already twenty four and people are expecting me to settle down. Settle Down? Not now, I guess. With whom? That is yet to be revealed soon.

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