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Participate in SHARP’s 100th Anniversary Share Campaign!

SHARP is definitely one of the most trusted brands in Asia as far as useful appliances and gadgets are concerned. In fact, I have a number of memories with our SHARP appliances while I was growing up.

I remember our SHARP TV Set that my parents bought when I was still in elementary. I love watching TV shows and movies as a kid yet at a young age, I was taught to balance my priorities in life. I need to finish ALL my assignments first before I am allowed to watch my favorite TV show. Our Sharp TV Set also played a major role in terms of family bonding since we would watch together in the living room on weekends with VHS rentals. My dad would prepare popcorn, buy some sodas the viola! Automatic Family Weekend!

Sharp's 100th Anniversary Campaign website

Being a student of a Special Science High School, we were required in majority of our subjects to bring scientific calculator with us. I ‘inherited’ my cousin’s Sharp Scientific Calculator after he graduated from his Commerce course. Even if I am already a ‘second-hand’ user of this device, it did help me a lot in my subjects. I even used it when I went to college!

We may not realize it, but we tend not to appreciate the things that makes our daily lives a bit more easier. Now that I do reminisce our old Sharp TV Set, VHS Player (inherited from a relative) and Scientific Calculator (inherited from my cousin), I can’t help but feel emotional.

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Inside a Four-Sided Room

Last month, I slept in seven rooms comfortably with expectations that I’m about to experience something new when I wake up. Don’t you just love that feeling of anticipation everytime you travel?

It’s been weeks since I arrived home from my trip. I am trying my very best to catch up with the backlogs and I guess I am slowly but surely putting these experiences into words. I am very thankful with every opportunity that comes my way and I love that feeling of independence.

Electric Fan

Don't give up on me.

Right now, I am blogging from my room, seated at the bed and I kind of dislike the fact that I am thinking too much about various stuff. First, my sleeping pattern is ruined again. I tried to sleep a few hours ago, but I woke up when the electric fan started to make unnecessary noise. I can imagine it yelling the words “Fix me!” to me as I stare at it. I think this electric fan is the most loyal yet the most abused thing here in my room. I use it everyday yet I rarely clean it.

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DVD Player Hunting at OLX

Here’s another fact about me: I am a lazy shopper. Unlike most girls who would spend hours looking for a specific clothing or accessories in the mall and still enjoy it, I am the opposite. I may be a mall person, but I usually hangout there with friends in a restaurant or coffee shop. I don’t really spend my time in the department store of shopping stores not unless I really need to. Experience Shoppok’s convenience, where shopping is as easy as a click of a button. Shop from the comfort of your home, choose from a wide array of products, and have your purchases delivered straight to your doorstep.

OLX Sample Classified Ads Search Result

OLX Sample Classified Ads Search Results

Buying appliances or gadgets is no exemption. I remember when I bought my camera, I went to the store upon seeing an ad in a BPO Magazine. I went to the store with my friends and I think I only spent a few minutes there. I originally planned to buy a DVD player, but pft, I can’t really contain the large amount of buyers that day so I decided to just eat somewhere 😛

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