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Plato Wraps at Franchise Expo 2011 – Endless Business Possibilities

Lately, I’ve been reading the past issues of Entrepreneur Philippines. I was able to collect some copies through relatives and since I am now thinking of ways on how to generate income, the concept of setting up a business caught my interest. Every detail about it such as securing an energy provider like that on was definitely something to take note of.

Too bad no one in the immediate family owns a business since they’d rather be employed in a multi-national company for financial security. I can’t blame them. Starting and running a business is not a game that children play. It is risky and only the tough ones can handle it. Why not check out this redundancy help for employers and see what they can offer your business!

I also know somebody who purchased a great business in Naples (Florida, not Italy!) and they used a really good broker who can be found at, so it’s something I am very much recommending now.

On the other hand, does your business need the right storage with temperature monitoring system to help ensure that your goods will be kept at the correct temperature to make them stay in excellent condition? Then, why not find out details here to know how!

PLATO WRAPS - an Original of Panaderia Antonio of Dagupan City

PLATO WRAPS – an Original of Panaderia Antonio of Dagupan City

I went to SMX Convention Center last Saturday to attend the Franchise Expo 2011. It is my first time to witness such event where companies that encourages individuals to invest their money through Franchising. If I am not mistaken, the Philippines is the Franchise Hub of Asia and it is not only beneficial to the founders of the concepts, but it also paved way for our kababayans to be employed in a long run.

Plato Wraps staff entertaining inquiries

Plato Wraps staff entertaining inquiries

One of the most trusted Franchise Food Carts in the country is PLATO WRAPS and I am proud to say that it originated from Dagupan City, Pangasinan. Actually, the owners Mr. Tony Seen and Mrs. Kamela Crisologo Seen were our neighbors when I was still a little kid. I am friends with their children and we used to really play a lot after school. We’d pretend to be restaurant owners or musical performers much to the delight of our young parents hehe =P

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