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My iTunes Festival 2013 Experience: Jessie J and Lawson

It’s been two weeks since I enjoyed my first ever iTunes Festival Experience! It was a night full of music, fun and surprises!

Jessie J with the boys of Lawson

Jessie J with the boys of Lawson (from Jessie J’s FB)

I joined the online promo for the iTunes Festival 2013  just for the heck of it. No expectations or whatsoever. It is the reason why I was amused when I received an e-mail that I got picked and I can bring one friend with me. I originally planned to go with my mom or my cousin, but they both declined. Just happy that my blogger friend Catherine is free that day so yeah, my other free ticket didn’t go to waste!

iTunes Festival - Jessie J

Jessie J encouraging her Heartbeats to sing with her 😀

For some reason, I think Jessie J is my lucky charm. I was also given the opportunity to get involved in a ‘special party’ a few months ago. Now, I am about to see her perform live!
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An Evening with Matt Goss – ‘Life You Imagine’ album showcase

Remember my blog confession about my dream to watch a Matt Goss show? Some might say ‘It’s easy – Fly to Vegas and catch one of his shows at Caesar’s Palace!‘. It’s not that easy for a Philippine passport holder like me. My only hope to see him is if he gets a chance to do a show in Manila (although I am aware that the probability of this thing to happen is just 10%) or just pray that he’ll do a show in London while I’m still here.

Will I be able to see this lovely man in London instead of Vegas?

Will I be able to see this lovely man in London instead of Vegas?

Then something unexpected happened. There were rumors that Matt Goss might visit London to do a show to promote his new album. No specific date given, but the show will take place within the year. Hmmm… When will I, will I see him in person?

While waiting in NAIA – 1 Boarding Gate for my flight to Birmingham, I saw a tweet confirming that tickets to the Matt Goss Album Showcase will be on sale the next day! Wah. Imagine how excited and at the same time anxious I was. With a note that there will be limited tickets for grabs, I simply couldn’t keep still. I NEED TO GET A TICKET AND WATCH THE SHOW!!!

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The Matt Goss Appreciation Post

I’d love to be considered one of the quintessential British men who hasn’t given up, has seen the world and is strong, healthy with plenty of fire left in him. Maybe after reading my story, you might agree.”

– Excerpts from Matt Goss: More Than You Know

When I arrived home from the 6-hour bus trip from Baguio to Manila, my mind is already programmed to take a deep sleep once I reunite with my bed. I was quite surprised when I saw a big envelope in my bed. One of the books I purchased in eBay arrived. I am still on a high after reading Geri Halliwell’s If Only. Time to read a man’s perspective!

Getting to know Matt Goss through his music

Getting to know Matt Goss through his music

I smiled upon seeing the hardcopy of Matt Goss: More Than You Know. It is the autobiography of ex-Bros lead singer Matt Goss. He may not be popular here in the Philippines, but I believe that once upon a time, he made a lot of teenage girls (and gays) worldwide scream for more.


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