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Remembering Tyron Perez

The news is out that Tyron Perez, a Starstruck avenger turned Kapamilya actor passed away. I am not sure about the details of his death as I write this post since everything I read on Twitter and Facebook are unconfirmed reports. Whatever the reason is, I am praying for him and his family.

Remember when I blogged about how I loved the first batch of Starstruck? I am an avid supporter of their batch and I think I saw almost every episode. I was in my senior year in high school then. After the Starstruck Ultimate Male and Female Survivors were revealed, the 14 then teenstars started touring around the Philippines making their fans happy.

Tyron Perez (September 14, 1984 - December 29, 2011)

I first met Tyron Perez in a mall show in Dagupan City. He was with Railey Valeroso. I cannot remember exactly on how I was able to contact Tyron (maybe thru Christian or Jade), but I’m glad I went despite the huge crowd. He sang onstage to promote his TV show for GMA-7 (Love to Love). I remember he sang the song ‘Like a Rose’ with that genuine smile on his face. Backstage, you can see the epitome of a typical probinsyano – he was quiet, smiling all the time and a gentleman.

My friend Ruby is a big fan of his so I am more than happy to tag her along (can’t find the pictures now T_T). Tyron and I managed to communicate via text in the succeeding days. Now I figured out why Christian and Jade consider him as one of their closest pals in showbiz.

Fast forward to 2008. SOP went to Dagupan for a mall show and it is timely because Jade Lopez is also a guest for that leg. By that time, Tyron Perez already starred in the critically-acclaimed Twilight Dancers. If I am not mistaken, he is the first Starstruck male alumna who bravely accepted such challenging role. When Jade told me that they will visit me at home after the show, I panicked LOL.

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In Loving Memory of AJ Matela

BAKLA AKO, MAY REKLAMO?! I remember the first time I browsed his website when I was still based in Dagupan City. He is considered as one of the real influential bloggers in the Philippine Blogosphere and he somewhat inspired a lot of people (men and women) to come out of the closet. He blogs about his interests and at the same time, write heartwarming stories about his own experiences and he actively participates in activities supporting the LGBT community.

AJ Matela and blogger friends

I met him for the first time at the iBlog4. Cai, Maki and I had a crush on him and secretly wished that he was straight LOL. Later on, we would bump into each other in blog events and Plurkfiestas. He supported me too in some events I organized for the company I used to work with. He is a certified head turner as people would take a glance as he enters the room. He is also a fashionista and he carries his clothes with style.

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A Tribute to Stephen

Bihira na akong magsulat ng blog entry in taglish pero hindi ko mapigilan ang sarili ko. Sa tingin ko, sa ganitong paraan ko lang maipapahayag ang tunay kong nararamdaman sa biglaang pagpanaw ng isa sa mga taong naging malaking impluwensya sa buhay ko kahit pa marami ang hindi nakakaalam o nakakaintindi kung bakit ganito siya ka-importante sa akin na naisipan ko pang gumawa ng blog post tungkol sa kanya.

Stephen Munoz (1977-2011)

Tara, balik tayo sa taong 1999…

Umuusbong pa lang ang internet noon. Naalala ko pa nga na natuto akong mag-internet dahil may nakita akong website address sa isang Spice Girls memorabilia. Sabi ng kaklase ko, mag-internet daw kami para makakita kami ng maraming pictures ng Spice Girls. Ano nga ba yung internet? Ay, sa kompyuter ‘yun. Maraming nagagawa sa internet pero napakamahal. Sa iskul namin noon, pwede ka gumamit ng napakabagal na dial-up internet sa internet laboratory na makikita sa main library. Php 25 per hour. Bago ka makagamit, kailangan mong pumunta pa sa cashier para magbayad ng itinatawag na ‘internet fee’. Dahil isa akong estudyante na kakarampot lang ang baon, sobrang namamahalan ako. Umabot pa nga sa puntong hindi ako kakain ng ilang araw maipon ko lang yung bente singkong pambayad ko sa isang oras na pagi-internet.

Ang adiksyon ko sa pagi-internet ay lalong lumala (in a good way, i must say) noong isang araw, may isang OJT na naawa sa akin.

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