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Four Years After College…

I left my favorite tambayan at 12:01 AM and on my way home, I checked my beloved N70 phone (Yes, i had it fixed!). I smiled upon reading the reminder I added four years ago with the text “Graduation :)”

Iser, Me and Edmon Four Years Ago πŸ™‚

Wow. It’s been four years? FOUR YEARS?!

As a student, one of my professors told me that I looked like a ‘Rebel with a Cause’. Dumbfounded with his impression towards me, he explained that I am the type of person who will do whatever she wants especially when she knows she’s right. Well, that is partly true πŸ˜›

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On Blogging, College Life and Lyceum-Northwestern University

As a college student, I am active with extra-curricular activities. In fact, I am willing to sacrifice my academic standing for the organization I am a part of. My college life was pretty colorful. I became a member of the school dance troupe in first year and got the opportunity to learn and appreciate the basics of jazz. On my sophomore year, I met a number of responsible students who acted as leaders in their respective departments.

I think I was dancing the last time i stepped in this stage LOL

Luckily, I became an officer in a department dominated by Engineering students. I also worked part-time as an encoder for the school’s newly-implemented enrollment system and took side On-the-Job Training there. It’s fun to work with people who are idealistic yet they know how to enjoy life.

Jaypee, Lecel, Mica and Edmon as college students (2006)

Jaypee, Lecel, Mica and Edmon as college students (2006)

I already maintained my personal blog back then and would write about my daily life. I would rant about school, my classmates, my addiction to Philippine and Korean telenovelas, celebrities, Pinoy Big Brother (nyahaha) and my family specifically my brother Carlo. I discovered that it is possible for me to earn extra income from my blog through sponsored reviews and text links in 2007.

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Six Years of Waiting – High School Yearbook

Last Friday, I met up with some of my Manila-based High School batchmates. It is my first time to see some of them since graduation day. The main agenda of the meet-up? Our HS Yearbook.

Yes, our High School Yearbook! I am not sure if I am authorized to disclose the main reason why it took THAT long before the memorabilia was released, but at least it is now up for grabs, right? The only sad thing there is hindi man lang siya na-bind. Uh oh.

Write-up about me taken from High School Yearbook (2004)

Write-up about me taken from High School Yearbook (2004)

Well, that is not really important IMO. I was looking forward to reading some of the write-ups written by the people behind the yearbook project.

I was surprised upon seeing the alloted page for me. My graduation and casual photo was there. My e-mail address is a combination of my nickname+my celebrity crush. My home address is similar to my school address. My motto is “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” and my ambition was “to be successful in the entertainment industry”. Wow. And it is nice to know that in a way, i am making that dream come true step by step πŸ™‚

What made me really giggle like a sixteen year old teen again is the write-up written by the person whom i truly admire way back. No need to mention his name and i hope he won’t be able to think of something negative upon reading this if ever. Well… here it is!

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