2013: The Year of Transition

2013 is the year of transition for me. It is full of lessons learned, realizations (as always!) and I can say that I am stronger, determined and inspired.

In Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire)

In Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire)

Being in your mid-twenties isn’t easy. I also spent some nights thinking of what ifs and continued to question if I should pursue things or not. Too much thinking and weighing pros and cons bored me and made me frustrated so I decided to just do what I can.  Until one day, I figured out that being lazy is the main problem. I can be productive if I choose to! Maybe I just needed a little push.

Wait… this is becoming a serious year-ender now and it is not my intention! Here’s a little glimpse of my colorful 2013:

Pre-Sinulog Dinner with Blogger Friends in Cebu

Pre-Sinulog Dinner with Blogger Friends in Cebu

JANUARY – I was with my grandparents for New Year and I can say that it is the best way to start the year! We went to the New Year Countdown in the Subic Bay area and went straight back to the hotel. Woke up and ate breakfast in a very chilled place and from there on, I already imagined how I want my year to be. I want it to be cool, relaxed and just steady.

So the first weekend was spent with co-travel blogger friends in Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay. Cool lang, ‘di ba? Until now, I can still recall how happy I was talking to friends and having some alone time in the room. The breakfast buffet of that hotel is something I really love to indulge in. Pwede ba dito every morning mag-breakfast?

I also went to Cebu a week before the main Sinulog Festival event. It’s funny because it’s either I’m too early or too late for the festival. At least I was able to take some pictures, stay in Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu – a dream accommodation and spent more time with friends. Cebu is special and I’ve always shared on my blogs why.

An impulsive trip to Bolinao occurred too and I was with some really close friends. The trip was really chilled and we simply enjoyed the Patar sunset and shared very naughty jokes at night. That trip inspired me to write something, which will led to the birth of my first full-length screenplay.

Lolo and I at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga

Lolo and I at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga

– Aaaahhh… The month of love. Instead of going on a date with someone, I chose to beat a deadline. I didn’t really make it in the main contest, but submitting on time (11:57PM -just 3 minutes before deadline!) is already a huge achievement for me. As a reward for myself, I bought a rose and greeted myself a happy valentine’s day. At least my baby was delivered on time 😛

I also went to Subic with travel blogger friends. Subic Homes reminded me so much of childhood trips and made me appreciate those memories. I’m thankful to relatives who tagged my family along with them.

Another trip is the Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013 with my grandfather. Yes, he was my date for the festival! He once dreamt of being pilot so seeing such show brings out the inner child in him. I just love making my loved ones happy. =)

In loving memory of Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez (Culion Museum)

In loving memory of Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez (Culion Museum)

MARCH – March is a special month in terms of travel because I finally visited Culion Island! It is a childhood dream of mine to go there because of my great grandfather, whose research work helped in the development of cure of leprosy in the Philippines and some parts of the world. I bet my travel buddy Yoshke didn’t really get the obsession of mine to visit the island at first. Now he knows and I’m glad I went there with him. We also went to Calauit Island and did a bit of Island Hopping Tour in the Busuanga group of islands. Backlogs galore!

APRIL – Revisited Pico de Loro for the triathlon event. Now I appreciate these hard-working participants! Watching them just made me realize how lazy I am to even move my body LOL.

I also spent the month researching about boy bands and watching documentaries… and yes, Rupaul’s Drag Race. I wasn’t able to go out of Manila that much so I indulged in reading novels and autobiographies. I will have to thank Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham and Matt Goss for the inspiration. If they can do it, why can’t I?

26th Birthday Cake!

26th Birthday Cake!

– My birthday month! I’m happy because I was able to celebrate my birthday in Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay with my grandparents. In a way, I also made them happy. We simply relaxed, ate good food and they teased me how I must get a boyfriend soon. Wow. Thanks, Lolo and Lola!

I also went out with some friends to celebrate my birthday (extended version lol). Yoshke and I embarked a trip to Baguio City for the Baguio Blog Conference, which I am happy to be part of. It is also through this trip I renewed my love for Baguio City. I originally planned to study there for college, but fate had other plans for me.

I also did a staycation trip in Bellevue Alabang with friends (another backlog alert!). My college bestfriend Lecel also married Jayson, her boyfriend for years. It is one of the best weddings I’ve ever witnessed and I am just too happy for them. I also realized the need to concentrate on my health.

Viva Forever The Musical: Pinay Spice Girls fanatic spotted!

Viva Forever The Musical: Pinay Spice Girls fanatic spotted!

– The best month! My flight from Manila to Taipei to Amsterdam to Birmingham is quite tiring. I’m glad they had a good selection of films!

Being reunited with my mom and brother is so important to me. I’m glad that I arrived in England with the good weather on. I got involved in some of my brother’s school activities and get to know my mom more. I also missed Ate Virgie’s cooking!

I can say that I’m lucky to have seen one of the last presentations of Viva Forever The Musical. Being a Spice Girls fan, it is a complete bliss to watch a musical featuring some of their best songs. I was also able to watch Matt Goss perform live in Café de Paris for the Life You Imagine Album Showcase.

It is also the month I met someone who continues to inspire me to do better in life. Thanks for the inspiration, Love. 🙂

Put this record on and keep on playing 'till I say STOP! :P

Put this record on and keep on playing ’till I say STOP! 😛

JULY – July is a month I finally adjusted in Rugby life. I often volunteered to do errands and enjoyed the ‘British Summer’ while walking in nearby parks. My brother was also featured in a school play where he is a teletubby. His reaction when he saw me in the audience area was priceless. If only I can post pictures here!

I attended some parties and did a lot of walking. Rugby is such an ideal place to live in!

It was also in this month that I got involved in a “Heartbeat” project. That was a surreal experience for me. I met some talented performers and made me wonder what I was doing in the set! Am I destined to do music? It’s My Party, I’ll do, do what I want! 😛

Hopeless romantics in Bath Spa!

Hopeless romantics in Bath Spa!

AUGUST – I went to Bath Spa with Catherine! It’s fun to travel with someone who understands why you want to take lots of pictures, visit more sights and eat lots of food! Most people say that Bath Spa is one of the most romantic places in England and I can say that it is true! We were able to do a lot of things in just one day – and that’s another backlog!

Most of my days in August was spent hoarding books and CDs in charity shops and watching Jeremy Kyle and more ITV shows on the telly 😛

Happy 51st Birthday, Mama Brenda!

Happy 51st Birthday, Mama Brenda!

SEPTEMBER – September is a busy month. My beautiful mom turned 51 years old and we organized an impromptu party at home. I wasn’t able to join her when she turned 50 years old… not late for a celebration! Carlo and I are lucky to have a mom like Mama Brenda. I Love You so much!

I also went to Walsingham, Norfolk for the pilgrimage. It is my first time to do a bit of procession outside the Philippines and I get to know more people. Thanks to Breda and the members of the Rugby Walsingham Association!

I also attended Josh and Ada’s wedding – virtually!

Mama and Carlo went to the Philippines for a short vacation, which meant I spent two weeks in England on my own. What’s a girl to do? Go to London, watch iTunes Festival ft Jessie J and Lawson, attend the Eating London Food Tour and Visit Oxfordshire! Uh oh. More backlogs to work on!

Mama and Carlo on the way to Leicester

Mama and Carlo on the way to Leicester

OCTOBER – October is a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me. I gained weight and spent more time with my mom and the lovely brother. I went to London to visit relatives and to visit the British Museum for just one exhibition. I’m still laughing for that matter and still hesitant if I should blog about it… but I will soon 😛

I also went to Leicestershire for the first time with my mom and brother. Happy staycation! I also watched some films and hoarded more CDs… and watched more Jeremy Kyle, Dinner Date, Millionare’s Matchmaker and Real Housewives of whatever state on the telly.

And more days were spent being a daughter to my mother, sister to my brother and a friend to some…just some 😛

NOVEMBER – The month of denial. I did last minute trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon with my dear friend Breda. More lunch outs and dinners and that flight back to the Philippines.

I haven’t really blogged about my feelings towards my arrival in Manila, but I can say that I adjusted quickly. The earthquake and the typhoon were big news in the UK and everyone got worried for my dear country. I drowned myself with films, music and spent the first weekend back in the Philippines in Taal Vista Hotel (again!). This time, it’s with my two high school buddies Alain and Maire.

I also accepted a new job so yes, I am officially employed! The good thing there is I am excited and not dreading the idea of working full-time again.

NYE lunch with Lolo and Lola in Subic

NYE lunch with Lolo and Lola in Subic

DECEMBER – Started with work and loving it. Why? I’m back in Dagupan and get to eat good food in a reasonable price. I also reunited with some friends of mine and got the chance to talk to some people who were a big part of my past.

It’s the MMFF season and got the chance to attend the premiere night of Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir. As of writing, I’ve already seen 5 out of 7 MMFF entries. I’m hoping to join the festival as a participant soon. Wala lang 😛

I noticed that I blogged less this year, but I am hoping to devote more time working on the backlogs since these are some memories I want to remember forever.

That sums up my 2013! We’ll be celebrating New Year in Subic and I am just thankful for all the blessings. I’m wishing for good health, safety and happiness!


6 thoughts on “2013: The Year of Transition

  1. Mai

    I believe you still had a busy year, in terms of travel.. parang ‘easy like sunday morning’ lang ang peg. 🙂 Oh, and I love that you love making your loved ones happy! I started missing my lola, since you’ve mentioned your grandparents all throughout your beautiful post. 🙂

    Here’s to a wonderful year ahead, Mica! 🙂 I hope to meet you in person sometime soon! Happy new year! 🙂

  2. Nina

    Waaah! Super inggit ako sa Viva Forever! Napanood ko lang yung documentary hahahaha.

    I hope you have an even better 2014 Mica! 😀

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @DocGelo – Thanks Doc Gelo! More travels sa atin this 2014! 😀

    @Mai – Thanks for the compliment, Mai! Hope to meet you this year! Sana mas maging busy tayo in a positive way 😀

    @Nina – Ang saya ng Viva Forever! Hehe Happy 2014, Nina 😀

    @Milet – Hehe salamat 😀 More travels sa ating lahat 😀


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