MMFF 2013: Why ‘10,000’ Hours Deserves All The Attention

The action-drama 10,000 Hours bagged 14 trophies from the recently-concluded Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 Awards Night. From the story to the technical aspects of the film, 10,000 Hours offers something new to the moviegoers (at least for the MMFF season).

10,000 Hours Movie Poster

10,000 Hours Movie Poster

My grandfather and I watched the movie. His curiosity about the Amsterdam scenes and the positive reviews he read convinced him to go to the cinema.

Robin Padilla is known as the ‘Bad Boy of Philippine Movies’ and as a kid, I remember watching his movies (hello, Baby Ama!) and he often starred in action flicks with pretty leading ladies to support him. He went to jail and got out as a changed man. Unlike most of his contemporaries, he widely embraced by his fans on his showbiz comeback and had done a number of sitcoms and action series on the major networks.

He had a number of movie attempts the past years, but it didn’t do well in the box-office. The theme of his films are good, but there was something lacking in the execution. He needed a project which will regain the interest of the new generation to Pinoy action films.

10,000 Hours is a movie inspired by the story of Sen. Panfilo Lacson. I am not really a political person, but I’ve heard of his ‘escape’. I can say that the producers of the film are brave for discussing such timely theme. I am also happy they hired Robin Padilla to play the lead role.

Bb. Joyce Bernal is one of my favorite mainstream directors and I know that if she’s given the right material, she’ll be able to surpass anybody’s expectation. She is best known for her romantic comedies and TV projects.

The Fugitive

The Fugitive

What I like about watching 10,000 Hours is the fact that they made the audience feel like as if they’re part of Sen. Gabriel Alcaraz’ journey from Manila to Amsterdam. I was able to feel the fear as if I am also a fugitive lol. It also helped that Robin’s acting is more subdued than his usual method of acting. It is a big help that the cast were good in their respective roles – no matter how big or small.

Bela Padilla truly shines in this movie as the hard-headed Maya Limchauco. She’s aggressive yet you can sense that there’s a deeper meaning on why she wants to ‘help’ the senator. Her strong onscreen presence most likely made most of the male viewers glued on their seats. I can say that Bela Padilla is the new ‘action princess’ since he recent projects are in-line with the action genre (Love and Lies, Bang Bang Alley, Point of Entry and the upcoming Padilla clan film). I have some concepts in mind that will suit her character. πŸ˜€

Carla Humphries shows sophistication in her scenes that made her credible as an immigrant in Amsterdam (can’t spoil too much details). I’m glad she’s given this kind of role and she earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination. Mylene Dizon is magnificent as usual. Cholo Barretto, Markki Stroem and Wyn Marquez were also good in their respective characters. I love the family reunion scene.

Michael de Mesa and Pen Medina deserves the recognition too. Pen Medina’s screen time is just small, yet remarkable. No wonder he bagged the Best Supporting Actor trophy! Ketchup Eusebio provides good comic timing. Alden Richards, Joem Bascon, Ping Medina, Antonio Aquitania and Alchris Galura also deserves some applause for their acting in the flashback scenes.

Another thing that I love with 10,000 Hours is the family aspect. In most action-political movies, the struggles of the family members are often ignored. Whether we like it or not, being a relative of someone controversial will also tarnish our reputation.

All in all, 10,000 Hours is a highly-recommended film. If you want to watch a movie that will make you think and feel a bit of adrenaline rush, then this movie is for you. Know what’s more worth admiring behind this film? The director, editor, cinematographer, music scorer and scriptwriters are female! Girl Power!

I simply need to say this: Mariel Rodriguez is doing a good job as a wife to Robin Padilla. Wala lang πŸ˜€

Have you seen the movie 10,000 Hours? What can you say about the film?


2 thoughts on “MMFF 2013: Why ‘10,000’ Hours Deserves All The Attention

  1. Mai

    AStig ng review mo, Mica! I haven’t gotten the chance to watch the movies yet. But I’ve already heard so many mixed reviews and feedback from family & friends. Regardless of the ‘mayhem’, the script truly deserves an award. Syempre, friend namin nagsulat..hehe! πŸ™‚

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Mai – Wow! Please tell her she did a great job with the script! Sulat pa siya kamo para maparami ang astig screenplays πŸ˜€


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