The Matt Goss Appreciation Post

I’d love to be considered one of the quintessential British men who hasn’t given up, has seen the world and is strong, healthy with plenty of fire left in him. Maybe after reading my story, you might agree.”

– Excerpts from Matt Goss: More Than You Know

When I arrived home from the 6-hour bus trip from Baguio to Manila, my mind is already programmed to take a deep sleep once I reunite with my bed. I was quite surprised when I saw a big envelope in my bed. One of the books I purchased in eBay arrived. I am still on a high after reading Geri Halliwell’s If Only. Time to read a man’s perspective!

Getting to know Matt Goss through his music

Getting to know Matt Goss through his music

I smiled upon seeing the hardcopy of Matt Goss: More Than You Know. It is the autobiography of ex-Bros lead singer Matt Goss. He may not be popular here in the Philippines, but I believe that once upon a time, he made a lot of teenage girls (and gays) worldwide scream for more.


The sudden fascination with boy bands started when the show ‘The Big Reunion’ premiered early this year. The line-up included pop acts like B*Witched, Honeyz, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, Blue, 911 and 5ive. I am proud to be a 90’s kid. I bought cassette tapes and posters of my favorite pop acts (mostly from the UK). My curiosity drove me to search about the early 90’s boy bands like Take That and East 17. It’s funny that I ended up watching a short clip about a trio popularly known as BROS. It is composed of twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss, with their school buddy Craig Logan.

Matt at the safest place in the world (Bros days)

Matt at the safest place in the world (Bros days)

The BROS Story is an interesting one and I admire on how the three guys managed to rise again.

I am quite overwhelmed with the retweets and messages I received from the Brosettes. Some of them thanked me because that blog post made them reminisce the ‘good days of their youth’. Receiving such feedback makes me feel fulfilled. The best part of being a blogger is you are able to write whatever you feel like writing, and unconsciously, you touch other people’s lives.

Matt Goss: More Than You Know book cover

Matt Goss: More Than You Know book cover


I bought a copy of I Owe You Nothing: My Story by Luke Goss (1993) and Matt Goss: More Than You Know (2005) online. My mom confirmed that she received the goodies already, but then I saw another listing on the site. I really want to read Matt Goss’ story, since his autobiography was written in 2005. I want to know their humble beginnings, his time with Bros and how he managed to cope up with post-fame thing.

I was searching for his solo works on YouTube, until I decided to just buy the GOSSY album.

Wow. This guy is an underrated singer/songwriter! He did well during his teen years belting out the sentiments of the youth, but his music keeps getting better as he age!

He just got out of a long relationship when he released the album Gossy. The popular songs from the album are The Day We Met, Along for a Ride, Evil, Don’t Wanna Be Your Angel and Firefly. Every song in the album depicts certain scenarios in his interesting life. The Day We Met is about moving on (in my own perception, it can be applied to love and career as well), Along For The Ride is a sexy song (I want to record my own version and replace ‘Jamaica’ with ‘Boracay’ 😛 ), Evil is about an ex-lover who… nevermind and Firefly is about a person who wants to move on and reach the top again.

My top picks in the album are ‘Take Me Home’, ‘If We’re Lost’ and ‘Gravity’. Take Me Home reminds me of solo travel moments (like this one), If We’re Lost is a song of man seeking for second chance and Gravity gives me a positive hope for love.

Wait a while, wait until perfection comes.

I’m glad that I discovered the works of Matt Goss this stage of his life. His autobiography and his music just shows how genuine he is as a person. I love the fact that he truly respects his family, especially his mum. There is a saying that you get to see how a guy is on the way he treats his mum. I’ve seen some of his videos on YouTube (Bros and recent interviews) and you can see that he respects women. No wonder up to now, his fans have much love for him. He is an epitome of a gentleman.

Some parts of his autobiography are quite painful to read, but I admire its honesty and sincerity. He may not be popular around the world in a ‘mainstream’ way nowadays, but he is a total performer. When I see some clips of his live performances in Vegas, I can feel the adrenaline rush as I watch through my laptop. What more if I get to see him perform live?

I have high respect for those people who continue to pursue their passion, whether they get paid or not. His album is my current favorite and it is a shame that they weren’t able to produce some music videos for his songs. I can’t help but imagine possible concepts.

I purchased  ‘Early Side of Later’, a solo album produced in 2004. Loving ‘Just for a Change’, ‘We Can’t Lose’ and ‘Fever’ the most.


More Than You Know just made me realize that sensible men with strong passion and determination still exists.

I want to meet Matt Goss in person. He is currently based in LA and flies to Vegas on weekends. I heard that he is set to release a new album this year called ‘Life You Imagine’ and he is planning to visit the UK for a couple of shows. I’ll be flying to the UK to visit my family soon and if I get lucky to catch his gig, I’d invite him for a cup of tea.. with biscuits, of course!


4 thoughts on “The Matt Goss Appreciation Post

  1. Mary Angeli Bas

    Wow! Such a fan! I hope that your desire to meet Matt Goss will be fulfilled during your trip back in UK!

  2. butch lause

    bravo ms mica for such an honor as a filipina to admire one of the greatest bands of u.k ever!hoped you’re dreams will be fullfilled in meeting my idol mr matthew weston goss of bros!

  3. Micamyx Post author

    @Mary and @Doi – Thanks gurls! 😀

    @Butch – Thanks! Really hoping to meet him in person soon. New Generation Brosette here! 😛


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