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I signed up for The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference weeks ago with selfish intentions. I wanted to attend so I have an excuse to leave Metro Manila for a few days and join Yoshke, who is assigned to talk about Travel Blogging. I traveled solo three years ago in Baguio City and it would be fun to go to the highlands with the not-really-poor traveler after our epic Culion trip.

The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference in Azalea Residences

The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference in Azalea Residences | Photo grabbed from AzaleaResidences

On the 7th of May, I find myself answering a message on Facebook if I can possibly be one of the speakers for the event. It is not my first time to speak in front of an audience, but its been years since I gave out a talk about blogging. When I gave my confirmation to the organizers, I can’t help but anticipate the bus trip to the Summer Capital of Luzon. I simply want to get out of Metro Manila and enjoy a cool weather while reading a book and pigging out!

My topic for the Baguio Blog Conference is Niche Blogging. It is humbling to remember how I started as a frustrated blogger from Dagupan City to owning a number of domains and eventually venturing to niche blogging. Looking back, I conclude that I am one crazy girl with lots of Paypal credits to spend. I kept on registering domains with no intentions of focusing on each platform. At least I learned from it 😀

Yoshke and I took the bus trip to Baguio on Friday. It helps when they show comedy films while on board. No bored passenger here!

It was raining hard when we reached Baguio. We met up with Vince and the rest of the Cordillera Bloggers and speakers that night.  We stayed at Azalea Residences… Finally! Last year, some of my blogger friends were invited to experience Baguio – Azalea style. Tons of schedules were given, but I never made it. Either I have other travel plans or I’m sick.

I confess that I only created the final powerpoint presentation hours before the event. It is my first time to focus on Niche Blogging. I figured out that inserting visuals and some texts would make up for it.

You know that situation wherein you intend to sleep for a few hours, but you end up imagining things with your eyes closed? I’m not really sure if I managed to take a nap, but my brain’s very much active. I should’ve just rehearsed my presentation on my mind. What was I thinking? I cannot remember. Strawberries?

Now let’s move to the event!

The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference was held within the vicinity of Azalea Residences. I am quite impressed with the formal set-up and it helps that we have an access to the coffee machine. Brew it!

Saturday is Stripes Day - Sasayaw kami!

Saturday is Stripes Day – Sasayaw kami!

If I remember it right, there were more than a hundred participants this year. I am more of excited than nervous that morning since the songs of Beyonce Knowles and Alicia Keys were on loop (Good Morning, Baguio!). The transition from pop world to blogging conference started when when Vince Tabor, the founder of Cordillera Bloggers, started talking about Ethical Blogging.

Let’s just say that all of a sudden, I felt the pressure ala Janina San Miguel.

Vince gave a very informative speech and I told myself that I should just deliver my presentation in the simpliest way possible.

Niche Blogging Talk at the Baguio Blog Conference

Niche Blogging Talk at the Baguio Blog Conference | Photo by Vince

I don’t know exactly why, but I suddenly turned into a shy speaker once I took over the podium. Wah, what happened? Before rendering my song number… este, slide presentation, I uttered a disclaimer that I’m a bit nervous.

I was able to say what I had to say based on my experience as a blogger. I focused on my transition from personal to having several niche blogs. When starting a niche blog, make sure that you are interested in the subject. I love the fact that members of the audience started asked questions about niche blogging. It is always a joy to see people listen to you attentively (even if it partly made me nervous too). Curiosity is better than being dull and boring.

Some of the topics covered on the seminar also include Photoblogging (Dean Cuanso), Creative Writing (Omeng Fallarme), Travel Blogging (Yoshke Dimen) and SEO (Ben Francia).

With the speakers and organizers of The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference

With the speakers and organizers of The 2nd Baguio Blog Conference | Photo by Two to Travel

I am glad that I was given the opportunity to participate in this event. Even if I am originally from Pangasinan, I think I have an idea on how frustrating it is way back for the other Cordillera bloggers that there’s no active blogging group in the area. It is also a constant struggle to raise awareness on how blogging can help promote businesses and at the same time create your own brand. With events such as this one, we can say that there is progress and development. Hurray Norte!

I’m looking forward to Baguio Blog Conference 2014! Make it Happen! 😀 Umay ak manen ta rawet ak nga ubing. LOL.

Were you able to attend the Baguio Blog Conference 2013? Share your blog posts below!


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  1. Samantha Justine Zamora

    It was really nice meeting you and getting to talk to you even just a little bit, habang kumakain tayo dun sa Canto, Ketchup Community. 😛 Pasensya na medyo mahiyain lang kasi talaga ako hahaha! But I’m definitely looking forward to seeing you guys again in the near future. 😛


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