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2013: The Year of Transition

2013 is the year of transition for me. It is full of lessons learned, realizations (as always!) and I can say that I am stronger, determined and inspired.

In Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire)

In Blenheim Palace (Oxfordshire)

Being in your mid-twenties isn’t easy. I also spent some nights thinking of what ifs and continued to question if I should pursue things or not. Too much thinking and weighing pros and cons bored me and made me frustrated so I decided to just do what I can.  Until one day, I figured out that being lazy is the main problem. I can be productive if I choose to! Maybe I just needed a little push.

Wait… this is becoming a serious year-ender now and it is not my intention! Here’s a little glimpse of my colorful 2013:

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