My iTunes Festival 2013 Experience: Jessie J and Lawson

It’s been two weeks since I enjoyed my first ever iTunes Festival Experience! It was a night full of music, fun and surprises!

Jessie J with the boys of Lawson

Jessie J with the boys of Lawson (from Jessie J’s FB)

I joined the online promo for the iTunes Festival 2013  just for the heck of it. No expectations or whatsoever. It is the reason why I was amused when I received an e-mail that I got picked and I can bring one friend with me. I originally planned to go with my mom or my cousin, but they both declined. Just happy that my blogger friend Catherine is free that day so yeah, my other free ticket didn’t go to waste!

iTunes Festival - Jessie J

Jessie J encouraging her Heartbeats to sing with her 😀

For some reason, I think Jessie J is my lucky charm. I was also given the opportunity to get involved in a ‘special party’ a few months ago. Now, I am about to see her perform live!

Catherine and I met up in Leicester Square and together, we took a train ride to Camden Town, which is close to Roundhouse. iTunes Festival is a month-long celebration of good music. International acts such as Lady Gaga, John Legend, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake performed on their special dates. Who doesn’t want to see any of them perform live especially if its for free?!

I am a big Jessie J fan. I admire her vocal abilities, dancing skills, songwriting prowess and her personality. I just love her so much!

Catherine and I were able to enter the venue with no hassle. There were lots of people inside when we arrived, but we figured out where we should stay.

I didn’t have the time to search about Lawson, the opening act. Is this band good? Better be!

Lawson - What a wonderful surprise!

Lawson – What a wonderful surprise!

Imagine how surprised we were when four hot British lads went onstage to start their gig. Woah, that’s Lawson?! Wait… I’ve heard of that song before!

Andy and Adam <3

Andy and Adam <3

My goodness! My eyes were glued on the drummer while Catherine loved the lead singer. As the band played their songs, I realized that I’ve heard some of their songs before and ‘Brokenhearted’ is actually my brother’s favorite song. This is one of the instances wherein you get to appreciate a band when you see them perform live first.

Rockin' It!

Rockin’ It!

That night is monumental for the band and their fans because it was the first time they played the song “Juliet” live. Check the video below:

iTunes Festival - Lawson

The foursome also performed their version of “Don’t You Worry Child”. Awesome!

Lawson indeed surprised me with their ability to rock the stage. They’re not just good-looking guys – they’re talented!

Major Set Change!

Major Set Change!

Of course, the highlight of the night is Jessie J!

Stomp Stomp - It's Jessie J!

Stomp Stomp – It’s Jessie J!

She opened her set with a rock version of “Price Tag”. Goodness. She’s soooo energetic!

I am still overwhelmed with the whole gig, so I will just share some of the highlights:

iTunes Festival - Jessie J

1. When she sang her dance hits “Domino” and “Laserlight”. Everyone went mental!

iTunes Festival - Jessie J
2. Do It Like a Dude – Classic!

iTunes Festival - Jessie J
3. Her improvised ‘auto-tune’ skill by putting the microphone on her neck as she ends the song ‘Excuse My Rude’.

iTunes Festival - Jessie J
4. Brandy’s  special appearance for ‘Conquer the World’. Epic!

iTunes Festival - Jessie J
5. ‘Wild’ was ‘Wild!’ with Dizzie Rascal and whew, that guitarist!

iTunes Festival - Jessie J

6. Reflection time with ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ and ‘Who You Are’.

iTunes Festival - Jessie J

7. Alive, Sexy Lady, Daydreamin’ and Thunder – Songs from the new album that must be released as singles. Can’t choose which one is the best!

The best things in life are free, and I’m glad I witnessed this fantastic show! I wouldn’t mind paying for that spectacular performance from Lawson and Jessie J!

Days after the gig, I bought a copy of ‘Alive’ right away! I’ll post a review of the album soon!


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