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Random Thoughts on the 1st of September

It’s September. Virgos are about to turn a year older this month. I grew up with  two Virgos: My Mama Brenda and Lolo Peping. I also have some good friends and relatives who are celebrating their birthday this month. Want to know one common denominator about Virgos? They are good in handling money. Also, Taurus and Virgo are compatible as friends or lovers. #nowyouknow

Sto Nino Shrine (Romualdez Museum) in Tacloban City

It’s my mom’s birthday today and it’s not just an ordinary one – It’s her 50th Birthday. She finally reached the ‘Golden’ age. I turned 25 this year too. I really feel bad that I can’t be physically present with her now. I could’ve prepared something nice for her. She deserves a grandeur birthday celebration because she’s been working hard since she gave birth to her unica hija. She never really had a ‘vacation’. Being a mother is a full-time job especially if you have a Special Child with you. Sometimes, I feel guilty that I keep on traveling and moving while she’s stuck at work. I’m happy that she’s supportive of my ambition and she never stopped me from pursuing it. You cannot avoid the fact that she gets worried at times (all mothers are like that). I can’t wait to go back to the UK and spend more time with her and my Carlo. I miss my Carlo. I miss my baby big boy brother.

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Dolphins — A Tablas Island Attraction

Dolphins are fascinating creatures. They’re mammals in fish form. If you’ve watched movies like Flipper, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Incredible Mr. Limpet, among other Hollywood films that feature the beloved dolphin, you’ve probably developed a delight and fascination for these marine mammals by now. Dolphins are intelligent, playful, they love being around and interacting with humans, and they also look adorable.

Thus, whenever dolphins are sighted, kids and adults alike are always delighted by their presence. Dolphins always bring a certain feeling of happiness, and their playfulness is always contagious.

If you want to see dolphins up close, you may find that you’d need to visit a ocean theme park. But if you want to see one, even a pack of them, in the wild, you may find that you can bump into them in most waters of the Philippines.

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MTV Emerge supports unsigned Filipino artists

Last month, I saw the music video of our very own kababayan Apl.de.Ap with the song ‘Take Me to the Philippines”. Days after, I read some blog entries about his project called Jeepney Music and he collaborated with the Department of Tourism which made a lot of Filipinos, especially his fans happy and proud to be a Filipino.


While chatting with my friend who is a fan of Pinoy indie bands, she gave me the link to MTV Emerge. I found out that they have a contest going on for unsigned Filipino artists to showcase their talents. The smiled when I heard that the project is a MTV, Jeepney Music, and Department of Tourism collaboration. Seven grand winners will be chosen and will sign a one year contract with Jeepney Music which will be handled by Apl de Ap himself! He will guide them in terms of digital distribution of songs and marketing strategies.

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