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Random Thoughts on the 1st of September

It’s September. Virgos are about to turn a year older this month. I grew up with  two Virgos: My Mama Brenda and Lolo Peping. I also have some good friends and relatives who are celebrating their birthday this month. Want to know one common denominator about Virgos? They are good in handling money. Also, Taurus and Virgo are compatible as friends or lovers. #nowyouknow

Sto Nino Shrine (Romualdez Museum) in Tacloban City

It’s my mom’s birthday today and it’s not just an ordinary one – It’s her 50th Birthday. She finally reached the ‘Golden’ age. I turned 25 this year too. I really feel bad that I can’t be physically present with her now. I could’ve prepared something nice for her. She deserves a grandeur birthday celebration because she’s been working hard since she gave birth to her unica hija. She never really had a ‘vacation’. Being a mother is a full-time job especially if you have a Special Child with you. Sometimes, I feel guilty that I keep on traveling and moving while she’s stuck at work. I’m happy that she’s supportive of my ambition and she never stopped me from pursuing it. You cannot avoid the fact that she gets worried at times (all mothers are like that). I can’t wait to go back to the UK and spend more time with her and my Carlo. I miss my Carlo. I miss my baby big boy brother.

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When a Sleepy Head Doodles

Even if i have a laptop with me where i can keep soft copies of my thoughts, i still keep a number of notebooks with me. Ever since I was in elementary, I have this habit of reusing some of my school notebooks for doodling. If ever you saw a notebook with my name on it but there’s no doodle at the back, most probably that is not mine.

After the surprise kiddie party my friends prepared for me on my twenty third birthday, i managed to write a doodle on my ‘notebook of the month’. With my red ballpen that I use for proofreading, i wrote some of the things i want to do now that i am 23 years old. There’s something special about turning twenty three and i can’t really explain why. I remember a blogger friend from Livejournal telling me when I was 18 that my 23rd year in planet earth will be a very exciting one. I won’t tell on which specific part of my life that will be, but your guess is as good as mine.

Want to see the doodle? Ok here it is LOL:

Sleepy Mica Doodles

(Forgive me with my poor penmanship. I iz sleepy LOL)

What I wrote there is not arranged in chronological order, but let me explain every point LOL.

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The Old Screenplay

Six months ago, I turned one of my short screenplays into a short film. Before the production stage of The 12th of June, I secretly wished that Jade Lopez would agree to give life to the character of Eloisa, who is a virtual assistant who took a one week break from her hectic work at home (nah, she’s not a housemaid, but she works at home). We shot the 22 minute short film in 14 hours. The first part of the post-production somewhat made me feel hesitant to further continue with the whole film. Thanks to those who believed in the story of the film, I was able to complete the whole thing with flying colors.

The 12th of June Script and Storyboard

The 12th of June Script and Storyboard

It’s been my dilemma for the past few days on which concept to shoot first. I have a number of ideas that I would like to write a screenplay for and eventually transform it into a short film. With the deadline I set for myself, I have to consider a lot of things – Schedule of my cast and crew, location, storyboard, equipments (camera, boom mic etc) and of course, the budget. It’s nice to have a lot of ideas in your minds, but the most challenging part there is to choose on which comes first or what concept to prioritize. If only I am a boss of a film outfit with tons of moolah – i’d probably produce a lot of short and full-length films.

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