Random Thoughts on the 1st of September

It’s September. Virgos are about to turn a year older this month. I grew up with  two Virgos: My Mama Brenda and Lolo Peping. I also have some good friends and relatives who are celebrating their birthday this month. Want to know one common denominator about Virgos? They are good in handling money. Also, Taurus and Virgo are compatible as friends or lovers. #nowyouknow

Sto Nino Shrine (Romualdez Museum) in Tacloban City

It’s my mom’s birthday today and it’s not just an ordinary one – It’s her 50th Birthday. She finally reached the ‘Golden’ age. I turned 25 this year too. I really feel bad that I can’t be physically present with her now. I could’ve prepared something nice for her. She deserves a grandeur birthday celebration because she’s been working hard since she gave birth to her unica hija. She never really had a ‘vacation’. Being a mother is a full-time job especially if you have a Special Child with you. Sometimes, I feel guilty that I keep on traveling and moving while she’s stuck at work. I’m happy that she’s supportive of my ambition and she never stopped me from pursuing it. You cannot avoid the fact that she gets worried at times (all mothers are like that). I can’t wait to go back to the UK and spend more time with her and my Carlo. I miss my Carlo. I miss my baby big boy brother.

It is also my Uncle George’s 11th Death Anniversary today. I can still recall our last conversation over YM before he passed away. I also dreamt about him prior to receiving the call about his untimely death. Dreams are really weird yet interesting. Did that serve as a premonition or something? I bet if he’s alive now, we’d be really close. We both love the internet and yes, music. At least he’s with my dad now.

This month also marks my Lolo Peping’s birthday. He is the most important man in my life right now (well… also Carlo haha) and I just love him so much. Call me Lolo’s girl – I am proud to be called one. I can say that I am influenced by him in many ways. I really feel bad whenever I see him sad. All I want to do is make him happy and I know that one way is not giving him the unnecessary headache. I want to bring him and my Lola somewhere so I am extending my stay.

My Insomnia just got worst. I sleep at 10AM, wake up at 12PM to eat, sleep at 1AM then wake up at 6PM or 7PM! What an unhealthy way to live! I tried my best to fix my body clock. When I was in El Nido, I had a normal schedule. I was able to maintain it on my first week back in Manila. I don’t know if Iced Mocha is the culprit, but I just can’t give that up. Because of my sleeping pattern, I missed a lot of gigs and meetings. I hate it. I hate it. I am hoping that Monday will be an improved start as far as my body clock is concerned. I need to fix some requirements and live my life. I’ve been stuck at home for almost a month now and I don’t think it is good for me.

I’ve been watching a lot of Spice Girls interviews the past few nights. I still hate the fact that Geri Halliwell left the band, but I do understand her now. Among the girls, it is Victoria Beckham that I truly admire from the beginning up to this day. Being a mom to four kids, a wife to David Beckham and a Fashion Designer is one tough job yet she’s good in multitasking and she’s doing it with style. Posh Forever!

I think GMA-7’s teleseryes are better compared to ABS-CBN. One True Love, Makapiling Kang Muli and the recently-concluded Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? are good shows. Walang Hanggan is a bit dragging. I am more interested in the Marco-Emily scenes. Jane and Nathan are unfortunate characters.

Filipino Films FTW! More and more local films are released every week. This is a good sign for the Filipino Movie Industry. I hope that more Filipinos support the locally-made movies. Come on, go to the cinemas and watch. Try it. Sige na lol.

Priorities. I want to go back to filmmaking, but my family comes first. But I can still do multitasking, right? 😛


That’s all. Happy BER months to everyone! Advance Merry Christmas!



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  1. Micamyx Post author

    @Echoserang Lakwatsera – Uhm, ako? LOL charot. Si Dennis Trillo Taurus #walalungs

    @Ada – Haha o diba Taurus and Virgo keri friends man o lovers 😛 Biglang Kapuso vs. Kapamilya haha


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