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SCRABBLE – Form Six Words and Express Yourself

Right after work, I went straight at home hoping that my internet connection is already fixed. Unfortunately, I found myself in a situation wherein i’d rather use a dial-up connection than use my wireless broadband. It ruined my blogging schedule for three straight nights!

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Form Six Words and Express Yourself

Instead of feeling sorry for myself and declare it as an ‘unproductive’ night, I decided to edit some of the videos I took for my Project52Weeks. I admit that I have tons of  backlogs but I am slowly (but surely) working on it. I was able to edit four – One is a videoke presentation with my Cebu friends (Isang Lahi FTW!), One is a Survivor-like video with Ada and Jenny during our first trip to Puerto Princesa (nananaginip lang ba tayo?!), One is an interview with the one and only Gabe Mercado where I asked him about his video blog, his showbiz commitments and the late-rockeoke (huhu) and I also have a short film which is quite serious compared to the rest of the videos I previously presented to my audience.

Click ‘more’ to watch the video 🙂

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Woohoo! New Blog Theme Up!

I am excited to inform everyone that after two years (ermm… almost), I finally have a new personalized theme!

I would like to thank the Lajara sisters Ada and Sab for this wonderful birthday gift! To be honest, I am really in love with my old blog theme (the one with an emo girl at the header LOL). I love it due to its simplicity. I want my blog visitors to focus more on my content rather than the design or anything else.


Months ago, a close blogger friend of mine advised me to change my blog theme for a change. He had a constructive remark (i’d like to believe it is constructive hehe) that my old blog look doesn’t really look good in other browsers (which is true, btw). I tried to look for other free wordpress themes, but I failed to find the perfect theme for me. I am a fan of the traditional blog look and the themes wherein the categories are at the main page somewhat gives me too much pressure to blog.

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iBlog6: The Philippine Blogging Summit Aftermath

For the past years, I’ve been religiously attending the iBlog summits organized by the UP College of Law and Digital Filipino. Unfortunately, I only attended the Saturday afternoon session this year. This means that I missed some of the important talks (blame me for being a sleepyhead T_T)


At least I went still 😀 I entered the UP Malcolm Hall at 1:30PM. I saw Gee and Rommel, my PBBFG mates LOL.  I was able to catch Marck Rimorim aka Marocharim talk about Political Blogging in the Philippines. He gave a very nice talk wherein he emphasized on remembering the past, stating the present, planning for the future and going back to the past in writing blog entries related to the different issues in the Philippines.

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