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Woohoo! New Blog Theme Up!

I am excited to inform everyone that after two years (ermm… almost), I finally have a new personalized theme!

I would like to thank the Lajara sisters Ada and Sab for this wonderful birthday gift! To be honest, I am really in love with my old blog theme (the one with an emo girl at the header LOL). I love it due to its simplicity. I want my blog visitors to focus more on my content rather than the design or anything else.


Months ago, a close blogger friend of mine advised me to change my blog theme for a change. He had a constructive remark (i’d like to believe it is constructive hehe) that my old blog look doesn’t really look good in other browsers (which is true, btw). I tried to look for other free wordpress themes, but I failed to find the perfect theme for me. I am a fan of the traditional blog look and the themes wherein the categories are at the main page somewhat gives me too much pressure to blog.

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