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SCRABBLE – Form Six Words and Express Yourself

Right after work, I went straight at home hoping that my internet connection is already fixed. Unfortunately, I found myself in a situation wherein i’d rather use a dial-up connection than use my wireless broadband. It ruined my blogging schedule for three straight nights!

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Form Six Words and Express Yourself

Instead of feeling sorry for myself and declare it as an ‘unproductive’ night, I decided to edit some of the videos I took for my Project52Weeks. I admit that I have tons of  backlogs but I am slowly (but surely) working on it. I was able to edit four – One is a videoke presentation with my Cebu friends (Isang Lahi FTW!), One is a Survivor-like video with Ada and Jenny during our first trip to Puerto Princesa (nananaginip lang ba tayo?!), One is an interview with the one and only Gabe Mercado where I asked him about his video blog, his showbiz commitments and the late-rockeoke (huhu) and I also have a short film which is quite serious compared to the rest of the videos I previously presented to my audience.

Click ‘more’ to watch the video πŸ™‚

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Weekend Trip in Cebu City (again!)

Where did I spend my much-deserved weekend laag last week?The answer is Cebu City! Who would have thought that I went to Sugbu thrice last year?

I originally planned to attend the Sinulog Festival 2010, but I booked on the wrong weekend 😐 As usual, my weekend trip to Cebu is full of food, adventure and fun!

More Reasons to Love Cebu! :D

More Reasons to Love Cebu! πŸ˜€

I am still organizing my thoughts as I type this summary post about my Cebu Trip together with Bong and Winston. Here’s a little preview on what to expect in this blog, in Senyorita and in Patay Gutom:

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