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iBlog6: The Philippine Blogging Summit Aftermath

For the past years, I’ve been religiously attending the iBlog summits organized by the UP College of Law and Digital Filipino. Unfortunately, I only attended the Saturday afternoon session this year. This means that I missed some of the important talks (blame me for being a sleepyhead T_T)


At least I went still ๐Ÿ˜€ I entered the UP Malcolm Hall at 1:30PM. I saw Gee and Rommel, my PBBFG mates LOL. ร‚ย I was able to catch Marck Rimorim aka Marocharim talk about Political Blogging in the Philippines. He gave a very nice talk wherein he emphasized on remembering the past, stating the present, planning for the future and going back to the past in writing blog entries related to the different issues in the Philippines.

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Holy Week 2010 in Dagupan City Day 2

I woke up late the next morning. Being the lazy head that I am, I didn’t stand up during the wake-up call. I ended up extending my stay in the hotel though my cousin already offered that i can stay in their house. Didn’t go with Maire and her friends to Baguio just because I woke up late.


Twitting, Plurking, Chatting, Face-Buking

No regrets though. Sleep is a luxury for me ๐Ÿ˜› I woke up at 11:30AM and tried to write for a special project. I went to the restaurant for my lunch and I ate Fish Fillet with Sweet and Corn Sauce.

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