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Why the Blogger Behind Jehzlau Concepts is Influential

And I don’t regret it.

I went out with him, Winston and Xef the other night to watch a movie. Before we went back to our respective homes, Jehz invited us to eat first. As expected, we ate a lot. I ended up eating two cups of rice and ate the leftovers (My appetite is kinda weird the past few days LOL). On our way home, Jehz and I were talking about the possibility of traveling once more just like what we did a few weeks ago with the rest of the Nyoks at Cebu. We also discussed about some blog projects and so on. As usual, his childish yet charming ways made me really smile. Seeing him happy makes me happy.

The Blue Stickman who is not really blue blogging beside me =P

The Blue Stickman who is not really blue blogging beside me =P

I went online as soon as I got home. Saw him online a few minutes after then he suddenly plurked about the email he received from a Nuffnang Philippines representative. According to the email, he is nominated for the Most Influential Blog Category. He can’t believe it but it’s true. He forwarded the said message to me and we were like little kids who kept on saying ‘waaaaaaaah’ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ and more ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ to each other.

I am not really sure on what was Nuffnang’s basis on choosing him as one of the nominees for the Most Influential Blog on their first ever awards night at Singapore, but let me share to you my own basis on why Jehz is really worth voting for and why he deserves to be the first ever Influential Blogger to be recognized by the rest of the Nuffnangers around the world.

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The Evolution of Kuya Bunso – A Jehzeel Laurente Photostory

Jehzeel Theodore Hiquiana Laurente is undeniably one of the most loved blogger in the Philippines. With his childish yet sweet ways, who wouldn’t want to have him as a brother?

Pangarap kong maging slacker at maging jobless - Jehz Liit

Pangarap kong maging slacker at maging jobless pero naka-checkin sa Marco Polo - Jehz Liit

Last year, I wrote a blog entry on how my ‘Kuya Nyok’ touched my heart. I am really lucky to have him as one of my bestest buddy. He really reminds me of my real brother Carlo that’s why I really can’t help but pinch him whenever I see his cute face.

To be honest, we rarely see him in events nowadays. He is a busy guy. He is busy making money online while sleeping. He is busy being a slacker and being jobless. He is also busy reinventing himself though his hair and his weight. Want proof? I present to you the Evolution of Kuya Bunso:

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Having a Chocolate-y April Fools’ Day @ Krispy Kreme

This afternoon, Jehz, Maki and I had an impromtu plurkfiesta at Krispy Kreme GH. Jehz texted me at 5pm saying that he is at Gilmore and is thinking of passing by wherever I am to hand me the item I wanted to borrow. I rushed to my favorite Krispy Kreme branch and texted Maki if she can drop by after work. Gladly, she did.

I haven’t seen the two for more than a month already and guess what? Both of them have different hairstyles now. I am also thinking of having my hair treated once I receive my BB cheque 😀

Anyway, here are some of the pictures we took awhile ago. I call this treat as our Chocolate-y April Fools’ Day haha 😀 Check out the photostory I did below inspired from Pinoy Parazzi:


Mica: Waaah gutom na ako. I'll eat this blue donut na.

Mica: Waaah gutom na ako. I’ll eat this blue donut na!
Maki: Tara, pa-picture na tayo while eating KK donuts!
Jehz: Bakit ako walang donut? Ayaw akong bigyan ng donuts nina Mica at Maki huhu nyok ~_~

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