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The Evolution of Kuya Bunso – A Jehzeel Laurente Photostory

Jehzeel Theodore Hiquiana Laurente is undeniably one of the most loved blogger in the Philippines. With his childish yet sweet ways, who wouldn’t want to have him as a brother?

Pangarap kong maging slacker at maging jobless - Jehz Liit

Pangarap kong maging slacker at maging jobless pero naka-checkin sa Marco Polo - Jehz Liit

Last year, I wrote a blog entry on how my ‘Kuya Nyok’ touched my heart. I am really lucky to have him as one of my bestest buddy. He really reminds me of my real brother Carlo that’s why I really can’t help but pinch him whenever I see his cute face.

To be honest, we rarely see him in events nowadays. He is a busy guy. He is busy making money online while sleeping. He is busy being a slacker and being jobless. He is also busy reinventing himself though his hair and his weight. Want proof? I present to you the Evolution of Kuya Bunso:

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