Why the Blogger Behind Jehzlau Concepts is Influential

And I don’t regret it.

I went out with him, Winston and Xef the other night to watch a movie. Before we went back to our respective homes, Jehz invited us to eat first. As expected, we ate a lot. I ended up eating two cups of rice and ate the leftovers (My appetite is kinda weird the past few days LOL). On our way home, Jehz and I were talking about the possibility of traveling once more just like what we did a few weeks ago with the rest of the Nyoks at Cebu. We also discussed about some blog projects and so on. As usual, his childish yet charming ways made me really smile. Seeing him happy makes me happy.

The Blue Stickman who is not really blue blogging beside me =P

The Blue Stickman who is not really blue blogging beside me =P

I went online as soon as I got home. Saw him online a few minutes after then he suddenly plurked about the email he received from a Nuffnang Philippines representative. According to the email, he is nominated for the Most Influential Blog Category. He can’t believe it but it’s true. He forwarded the said message to me and we were like little kids who kept on saying ‘waaaaaaaah’ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ and more ‘waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ to each other.

I am not really sure on what was Nuffnang’s basis on choosing him as one of the nominees for the Most Influential Blog on their first ever awards night at Singapore, but let me share to you my own basis on why Jehz is really worth voting for and why he deserves to be the first ever Influential Blogger to be recognized by the rest of the Nuffnangers around the world.

Taken last May 12 at the Blogbank Party. The first time we met :D

Taken last May 12 at the Blogbank Party. He introduced me to a number of review sites.

• He taught a lot of newbie pinoy bloggers on how to earn money online – I think majority of his regular visitors on his blog consider him as a ‘mentor’ in terms of finding ways on how to make money online. Did you know that he used to work seven times a week as a web developer? Yes, he is that workaholic! And he eats only two meals a day. No meriendas or junk foods to munch. He is too concentrated on his work. Later on, he discovered that he can really make money through his blog. It even reached to the point that he resigned from his day job in order to be a slacker and jobless yet earning some moolah while sleeping. Due to his dedication to his blogs and open communication to other bloggers, a lot of people look up to him.



• His childish yet charming ways can give you positive energy – I used to be a negative thinker (errrr… even up to this day at times LOL) but he kept on saying some encouraging words that you never thought you’d hear from him. I remember one time I was crying because I somewhat disappointed my former boss. I said that I hate being a failure. You know what he said?

“Dare to Fail =)”

And that made me smile and think. Without these failures, we can never ever appreciate the success we’ve achieved.

Jehz as an indie film actor (coming soon!)

Jehz as an indie film actor (coming soon!)

• His ‘Pro-binsyado to Pro-blogger’ story is very inspiring – Try to browse his 2006 entries. There’s this one blog entry wherein he is disappointed because companies kept on rejecting his application for work. He may have graduated from a vocational course, but that didn’t stop him from aiming bigger. He went all the way from Davao to Manila to make his dreams come true. I am also a graduate from a province-based college and to be honest, finding a job in Manila can be very frustrating. He is also proud of his roots woot!
• Genuine love for his friends – Ask any of the PGs. I bet they have their own Jehzlau story to tell.

Patay Gutom bloggers in Cebu

Patay Gutom bloggers in Cebu

• He has his own network of blogs – From Personal (Jehzlau Concepts) to Entertainment (Showbiz Gossips) to Games (My Brute Cheats) to Food (Patay Gutom) to Technology (Gizmosync) to Travel (Naliligaw) and much more. Whew. Need I say more?

Those are five reasons on why Jehz is indeed influential to Pinoy bloggers. Wait, did I mention that he is Nuffnang Philippines’ second featured blogger? Last year, his blog banner is being flashed at Edsa-Guadalupe 45 times a day. I saw it twice, but I failed to take a photo =(

Nuffnang Philippines Featured Blogger (November 2008)

Nuffnang Philippines Featured Blogger (November 2008)

HELP JEHZLAU CONCEPTS WIN by voting at the Nuffnang Awards Night Voting Page. You can vote every after two hours. This post will be updated with the list of other Filipino nominees.

Still not convinced? Please watch QTV’s QTube tomorrow, Thursday night at 10PM. Get to know the real Jehzeel Laurente – his humble beginnings, his toys, his house and much more!

UPDATE: To watch Jehzlau’s QTube Feature, click here. Thanks to Van for the video! 😀


9 thoughts on “Why the Blogger Behind Jehzlau Concepts is Influential

  1. superBong

    Si Jehz, super bait, at super maaasahan mo. Hindi siya madamot, at super friendly. I’m sure marami pang ka-super-an ‘tong super-nyok! I am SUPER routing for Jehzlau! ^^ GO JEHZ! 😀 wooooot

  2. Micamyx Post author

    @Jehzlau – Aw. Eh bakit nakasimangot? T_T

    @Ada – Yup! Let’s all vote every two hours! We have to vote 12 times a day! 😛

    @SuperBong – Very well said! Woot!

    @LetsGoSago – LetsGoToSG! 😀

  3. Melvin

    You’re right. My first impression with Jehz was kinda masungit but it turned the guy is really friendly and laging nkangiti. Im sure there’s a big chance na mananalo si Jehz.. 😀


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