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Film Showing + Pasta Buffet + Doughnut Overload on The 12th of June

June 12 is the official Independence Day of the Philippines. It is considered as an important holiday for the Filipinos because it is the day wherein our ancestors finally had their freedom from the Spaniards. It also happened to be an important day for my second short film called The 12th of June. It has nothing to do with the history of the Philippine Independence, but errr… I consider it as a special day since it also falls on a Saturday this year.

Watching The 12th of June

Watching The 12th of June on the 12th of June, 2010

I first had my film showing at Mam Bebs in Davao City last year with the help of Avatar Media and had another one at Tomato Bomb. Some of my blogger friends were able to see Kuya Bunso and Positive. However, more friends were asking when I’ll be having the next screening. Since I wanted to host one so badly, I planned to have it on The 12th of June with no particular place or any other activity yet.

I first heard about Penpen’s Resto at Ping Medina’s Twitter account. The place happened to have Pasta Buffets on Tuesdays and the second floor is open for parties, film showing among others. I inquired through Ping Medina’s Facebook account and I’m glad that he replied. I then decided to have a Pasta Buffet Party + Film Showing there.

Now let me narrate everything that happened on my very own independence day:

To Mica with Love From Chloe :D

Chloe The Hotlight Girl's Treat πŸ˜€

I woke up late and bombarded my friends with text message asking if they’d make it on the film showing. My college bestfriend arrived at home straight from her work then we went to Krispy Kreme Greenhills to pick up Chloe’s surprise. I was surprised when I found out she’ll give out 35 boxes of original-glazed donuts! The staff remembered that i shot some scenes of The 12th of June last July 2009 and they’re asking me when I’m going to shoot again LOL.

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Short Film Screening at Tomato Bomb’s Eksena

December 15, 2009 is a memorable day for me as a film maker. Why? Because for the first time, my short films entitled Kuya Bunso and The 12th of June were shown in a non-blogger event. Thanks to Mr. Mike Dagnalan (Isnats, River of Dreams, Karoler), who serves as one of my mentors at the Sinelab Scriptwriting Workshop for inviting me to be a part of this month’s Eksena at Tomato Bomb.

Blogger Actors @ Tomato Bomb

Blogger Actors @ Tomato Bomb

I invited some of my blogger friends (mostly part of the production team) two nights before the film showing. I am quite confident because the feedback in the Davao Bloggers screening was positive. In fact, half of them preferred Kuya Bunso though most of the girls preferred The 12th of June for obvious reasons πŸ™‚

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The First Half of December

I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged here for two weeks now! I will now force myself to blog about the things I’ve done the past two weeks which kept me busy and preoccupied.

Me looking tired but Happy at the set of Kuya Bunso (January 2009)

Me looking tired but Happy at the set of Kuya Bunso (January 2009)

To give a short summary on what i’ve been doing lately, i will give you three keywords that starts with letter D -Directing, Dagupan and Davao.

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