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Being Sick on your 24th Birthday

BDAY BACKLOG: So, I finally turned 24 last May 6. It was a Friday and compared to my previous birthday celebrations, i opted to have a simple one this year. Why? Because i am sick and lazy. Having cough, colds and mild headache on your supposedly special day will truly make you feel lazy. Prior to that, i’ve been unproductive online and offline. I’m glad that i am blogging now LOL.

I may be sick, but my appetite is still ok 😛

So what did I do on my 24th birthday? I woke up at 2pm, checked my online accounts to reply on some Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and E-mail greetings. I received a number of text messages too and missed calls. I’m glad that my family and friends took extra effort to greet me on my 24th birthday. Thank you again 🙂

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Happy 16th Birthday to my Carlo!

He left the Philippines when he was about to turn thirteen years old. Today, he is celebrating his 16th birthday. I used to carry him at my back. Now, he is taller than me.

My dear Carlo Boy

Although i didn’t witness his transformation into a teenager, it is no question that my brother Carlo will always be a baby to me 😛 My stay in the United Kingdom with him, my mom, Ate Virgie and the rest of the people I met taught me a lot of life lessons. Carlo’s biggest gift to me is his smile and sincerity. He may lack speaking skills, but he truly knows how to show his love to the people who matters to him.

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Bubbly Maki the Sushi turns 23!

I would like to take this opportunity to greet my online friend turned barkada Maria Kristina De Guzman Eduardo a.k.a. Maki a happy, happy birthday!

Just last year, Maki and the rest of the Nyokers got closer. I assume that the regular readers of her blog are aware of the fact that the year 2009 served as one of the most challenging years of her life. She is like a passenger in a rollercoaster ride – she can be very, very scared and angry. Later on, she is in her happiest mood.

Someone just turned 23 today!

Being Maki’s friend is not easy (LOLOLOL I kid :P). She can be unpredictable at times, but we understand her. Just late last year, she followed in Cebu and later on stayed on her own to take pictures and spend some ‘me’ time. When she got back, she wanted to do something relevant in her life. She wants to change into a stronger woman who is capable of dealing with problems coming her way – no matter how small or big that is. She wants to bring her old happy self back and she wants to push through with a career she loves. Wait, did i mention that she is also a sweet friend?

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