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An Underrated Gem Ahead of its Time: ‘FOREVER’ by Spice Girls

When Geri Halliwell decided to leave the Spice Girls while they were at the peak of their world domination, a lot of young fans were left heart broken. How could you? I thought friendship never ends? Liar!

Things were all of a sudden wobbly in Spice World. Then Mel B announced she’s pregnant. Then Victoria. Then Mel C released a solo album. Then Emma decided to shed that ‘Baby Spice’ image by posing in magazine and working on her debut album.

Geri, on the other hand, was in George Michael’s mansion plotting what she’ll do next. She knows that being the first member to leave the group is both an advantage and disadvantage. The curiosity of fans and haters on what she’ll do next and if she will top the charts on her own is just too big to ignore.

The four other girls decided to carry on and release their third album ‘Forever’. There’s Baby, Posh, Scary and Sporty ONLY.

 I can say that ‘Forever’ is an underrated album. It was way ahead of its time. The girls had a different sound – they focused on the mix of RnB, Hiphop and Urban. Though it is not a perfect album, there are a number of standout tracks although some are skippable.

So when you’re ready to make your next Spotify playlist or whatever music streaming site you use, make sure you add your favorites from the FOREVER album! Hold tight now…

1. Holler – When I first heard this song, I was confused. Why this song? However, the song grew on me as time goes by plus the music video is so slick. It is sexy, stylish and it makes you want to be a ‘grown-up Spice Girl’. I especially love the look of Victoria in that video.. and Emma. And Mel B. And Mel C. The girls danced with unity and it seems that they’re stronger than ever – at least on that video.

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MIDNIGHT FANTASY: On Victoria Beckham’s Underrated Debut Album and What Could’ve Been’s

Victoria Adams-Beckham is my favorite Spice Girl. Well, she wasn’t initially my favorite (because she didn’t have a single solo line in Wannabe), but as time progressed, I find her personality endearing and the one I can relate to among the five. My love for her intensified when I read the book ‘Learning to Fly’ and saw her interviews during and after her days as Posh Spice.

Now, a lot of people know her either as the wife of David Beckham, a fashion icon and a doting mum to four beautiful children.

When the Spice Girls broke up (or when Geri Halliwell suddenly left), the girls worked on solo projects. There’s Melanie C’s collaboration with Bryan Adams with the smash hit ‘When You’re Gone’ which eventually led to the release of her debut album ‘Northern Star’. Melanie B teamed up with Missy Elliot for ‘I Want You Back’ and Emma Bunton with Tin Tin Out for the remake of ‘What I Am’.

Victoria was the last one to pursue a solo music project. She was already pregnant when Geri left the group. Her marriage to David and being a mum to Baby Brooklyn became a priority.

Eventually, she was invited on the True Steppers – David Bowers dance track ‘Out of Your Mind’. By the time she released this, the interest in the solo projects of the Spice Girls is starting to decline. By then, her peers had their #1 songs already and some had released their albums: Melanie C with Northern Star, Geri Halliwell with Schizophonic, Emma Bunton with A Girl Like Me and Melanie B with HOT. The single reached #2 in the charts and she was first enthusiastic about it and finally, she is determined to work on her solo album much to the delight of her loyal fans (like me!).

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