Bring Me Back My Childhood! – Girl Power Domination

I am a certified 90’s kid. I am one of those kids who learned how to use the internet just to search for the pictures of her favorite musicians. I don’t deny that I sent my first fax message ever by paying Php100 in an internet cafe just to request the song ‘Viva Forever’ in MTV’s Most Wanted. I even sent an artwork to that show in Singapore hoping VJ Sonia, VJ Sarah or our very own VJ Donita would read it one day. It never happened LOL.

These girls saved my life without them knowing it

I also sent lots of emails for the show MTV Select to request for a Spice Girls video. Yes, I am a crazy fanatic like that. I have their posters all over my room and I collected second hand music magazines from my cousin based in Metro Manila (I grew up in Dagupan City). One day, my email request was granted and it was VJ Sarah who read it. I wonder where she is now?

The Spice Girls taught me a lot, but that deserves a special post. What I want to do right now is reminisce some of the girl bands that made my childhood extra special with their singing and dancing skills, awesome dance videos and oh-sp-gorgeous bodies!


I’ll tell you what i want, what i really, really want! These girls changed my life forever. During that time, I learned how to save up money just to buy the ChupaChups Lollipop with their photos on the wrapper and there’s a limited edition stickers in every purchase. I collected fan mags, posters, cassette tapes (my precious tapes!) and even copied their fashion style. I may be Sporty Spice on a Friday (meaning i’m wearing rubber shoes and jogging pants LOL), Baby Spice on a Saturday (meaning i’m wearing that super duper high sandals), Posh Spice (any black or brown dress – because i can’t afford a Gucci Black Dress that time haha) or Ginger or Scary. It depends on my mood. As a kid, i enjoyed dressing up as my mom laughs at me. She taught that her dream for me of becoming a model will come true. Sorry mom, i failed. At least i maintained that supermodel body you hoped for! Hihi just kiddin’

I can narrate a lot of stories related to my Spice Girls addiction. Want some clues? I learned and practiced the British accent because I knew that the day will come that i will meet these girls in person in the UK, I often frown on my photos when I was younger because I was copying Victoria Adams (now Beckham) LOL and yeah, I cried when Geri Halliwell left the group.

ALL SAINTS – Never Ever

I often bash them on several Yahoo! Clubs (now Groups) because they were… ugh, Spice Girls’ biggest competitor. They’re not even close to what the Spice Girls have achieved, but the press kept on writing about their so-called Rivalry. Online, i am anti-All Saints but in real life, i have their albums haha πŸ˜› What i loved about All Saints is their relaxing mode in their songs. Like the Spice Girls, they write their own songs. Oh yeah, my favorite All Saints member is Natalie Appleton.

TLC – No Scrubs

TLC’s Fanmail album saved my life πŸ™‚ It was the album I bought right after my surgery when I was 12. I bought a cassette tape and memorized their songs. Binabasa ko talaga yung lyrics kahit ang dilim nung layout nung album. I admire how Lisa ‘Lefteye’ Lopes raps like a dude. T-Boz was sick, but she didn’t let that kill her music career. Chilli is hot and sexy. Right, Usher? LOL. Nine years ago, Lefteye died in a car accident. The two remaining members managed to record new albums, but TLC will never be the same again without Lefteye.

B*WITCHED – Rollercoaster

The girls from Dublin, Ireland! There’s the blonde Sinead, curly Lindsay and the twins Edele and Keavy. When i was younger, their songs made me feel like i am a – kid. Haha. Meaning their songs are youthful and innocent. Way back, i wondered whether their music and fashion style will mature as they grow older. Found out just now that the twin sisters are now known as Barbarellas.

SOLID HARMONIE – I’ll Be There For You

I performed the song ‘I’ll Be There For You’ in school when i was in Grade 4! I think the group recorded only one album and disbanded. They managed to release two more singles: I Want You To Want Me and I Wanna Love You.

CLEOPATRA – Life Ain’t Easy

The three black talented ladies of Cleopatra! I remember catching their music video ‘Cleopatra (Coming ‘Atcha) and my brother loved it! This song ‘Life Ain’t Easy’ is an example of a song that Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black should be singing. I wonder where they are now.

Whew! Girl Power lives on! I really miss the days wherein i’d watch any of these female groups perform onstage. I miss good music.

How did you feel upon watching the embedded videos again? Which was your favorite girlband?


5 thoughts on “Bring Me Back My Childhood! – Girl Power Domination

  1. helen

    wahahahahah naka-relate ako! I heart Solid Harmonie!!! Woot woot! At pinangarap ko ring sumulat sa mga MTV VJ’s. LOL. Buti ka pa meron kang VJ Sarah memory! hahaha! πŸ˜‰

  2. pusang-kalye

    so spice girls means childhood pala sayo—Im soooo college days na nung mga panahong yan.hahaha. pero yun nga. nakakamiss ang panahon na yan—girl groups, boy bands and a lot of happy teens.awww

  3. Kristel

    Super die-hard fanatic ako ng Spice Girls. As in. And nung nag-announce sila ng reunion concert a few years ago, willing akong magpuntang HK para manood (coz kasama sa original sched nila). Unfortunately they canceled their Asia leg. Sana nung nasa UK ka, nagconcert sila.

    But, I’m still hoping. Kapag nagkaroon ulit, lilipad ako ng UK kahit may Asia leg (haha, di masama mangarap)!!!!

    Haaaay…love chicldhood music. πŸ˜€

  4. Micamyx Post author

    @Helen – Hahaha! Sayang hindi tumagal ang Solid Harmonie, noh? Pahirapan pa talaga mapansin sa MTV Asia noon LOL buti na lang nakapag-VJ Sarah moment ako. Para akong nanalo sa lotto haha!

    @Pusang-Kalye – Aside from that, i miss good music.

    @Kristel – Ako riiiiin! Sayang, hindi natuloy yung Asia. Diba 8 countries lang napili noon? Sana ma-meet ko pa rin kahit isa sa kanila although muntikan ko nang makita si Emma Bunton before πŸ˜€

    @zhequia – The SPICE album! πŸ˜€ Nakakamiss nga waaah


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