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Album Review: ANTI by Rihanna

Three long years has passed since badgal Riri released her last album Unapologetic in 2012. Following a slew of unrelated “releases” to fill the gaps in-between (none of which even made the cut), the pressure was on to make the comeback album that everyone had been waiting for—but was it really worth the wait?

Rihanna's much-awaited comeback album 'ANTI'

Rihanna’s much-awaited comeback album ‘ANTI’

At a glance, ANTI lacks the theme and shock value her previous albums had. It wasn’t studded with bubblegum pop hits like Good Girl Gone Bad, possessed the raunchy playfulness of Loud or the commercial marketability of Talk That Talk. However, Rihanna manages to stick to her roots and incorporate dancehall and the occasional patois, as she did with “Rude Boy” on her 2009 album Rated R—which is possibly one of the redeeming factors of ANTI.

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Too Hot To Handle


I woke up just in time for lunch last Friday. I travelled to Makati at 4PM to meet up with friends for dinner. I stayed in a coffee shop with the intention of working on online tasks as I wait for my pals to arrive. Ah, the perks of working at your own pace.

Lazy. Meh.

Lazy. Meh.

I seated on the table near the glass door because I had no choice. Typical Friday afternoon coffee shop scenario. I love the fact that there’s free wifi, but the unbearable heat caused by the sun just took a toll on me. Instead of focusing on blog-related tasks or PPT presentation, I end up chatting on Facebook ranting about the weather.

Bonding with friends over booze and ramen. Isn’t this how Friday nights are supposed to be spent?

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Rihanna: The Last Song Syndrome Queen

RIHANNA is one of the hottest personalities in the international music in the recent years. With chart-topping hits, interesting personal life and dedication her craft, Rihanna is a superstar in her own right!

Rihanna, you da one and only LSS Queen!

I love Rihanna and although I am not a die-hard fan of hers, I do love to sing and dance with her songs. Actually, I think her songs have the power to capture every listener’s attention and eventually keep it on loop until one gets tired of it. I can mention a number of awkward encounters wherein I sing out loud or dance in a public place one I hear a song of hers LOL. I’m sorry but I just can’t help it! Most of Rihanna’s songs can cause one the so-called ‘Last Song Syndrome’.

Want me to give examples? Here you go!

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