Too Hot To Handle


I woke up just in time for lunch last Friday. I travelled to Makati at 4PM to meet up with friends for dinner. I stayed in a coffee shop with the intention of working on online tasks as I wait for my pals to arrive. Ah, the perks of working at your own pace.

Lazy. Meh.

Lazy. Meh.

I seated on the table near the glass door because I had no choice. Typical Friday afternoon coffee shop scenario. I love the fact that there’s free wifi, but the unbearable heat caused by the sun just took a toll on me. Instead of focusing on blog-related tasks or PPT presentation, I end up chatting on Facebook ranting about the weather.

Bonding with friends over booze and ramen. Isn’t this how Friday nights are supposed to be spent?

Before retiring to bed, I promised I’d wake up at 10:30AM to do more work.

I end up waking up at 12:30PM just because my grandparents want me to join them for lunch.

Bad Hair Day - Iron it out!

Bad Hair Day – Iron it out!

I was supposed to go out to work at my favorite donut store, but the ‘mamaya na’ syndrome struck me again. I end up spending the afternoon with Rhodora X marathon. I missed a week worth of episodes and Jennylyn Mercado’s performance is just mind-blowing. The pacing and the twists of the series kept me glued on my bed. This show deserves an award!

Then I ate more food… and slept. Too hot that looking at the window hurts.

I woke up just in time for dinner, took a bath and finally visited my favorite donut shop. Once again, I end up chatting with friends on Facebook ranting about quarterlife crisis and how unbearable the weather was that afternoon.

Gimme a drink!

Gimme a drink!

Now I’m home and it is a Sunday. My hair isn’t on the right condition (as always). I blame myself most of the time on how irresponsible I am when it comes to vanity stuff. Why can’t I be more girly?

I have some concerns in life that is caused by my recent Singapore trip. I’m not so sure if I’m just bored right now or what. I have so many things to share about the activities I did this month, but I end up putting everything on drafts. Is it because of too much coffee intake? Is it because I drank two bottles of Tanduay Ice last night? Am I very much into Rhodora, Roxanne and Rowena of Rhodora X? Is it because I now know what I really, really want but I’m stuck in the Philippines or I’m just overthinking?

It’s almost 2am and the humidity keeps me off. This weather is just too hot to handle and so does my thoughts. I am also craving for Kaya Toast. Not helping my current situation at all. My tummy is so big!

Let me sleep - again. Off to La La Land :D

Let me sleep – again. Off to La La Land 😀

Ok. Enough. I’m done. I’ll publish this now. Damn. The barometer will explode!


Photos taken from Rihanna’s Instagram account. RiRi can feel my pain.


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