Introducing VIBBIDI: Appreciating Your Favorite Music Albums Through Narratives

Movies, Music and Travel. These are three things that I am really passionate about. When I am not traveling, I would go to the cinema to escape from reality for a while. When I am on a long trip, I listen to music to still be inspired on my idle time. These three are related in one way or another.

My Vibbidi Narratives featuring Jennifer Lopez (On The 6), Shakira (Laundry Service) and Ariana Grande (Dangerous Woman)

I am happy to announce that I have an ongoing collaboration with a new platform called VIBBIDI!  It’s a free web-based music streaming service that’s available on any device that has an internet connection. I’ve been using it for a month now and it is just fun to rediscover some of the albums that I loved in the past and to find new materials from emerging artists.

The thing that I love about Vibbidi is the feature called ‘Narratives’. In this section, music lovers share how a specific album means to them and how they can relate to the artists. As I publish this post, I’ve written the following:

1. 20 YEARS OF ‘ON THE 6’: How Jennifer Lopez made an impact in my life – A narrative on how much I love the debut album of JLO. Back then, she encouraged young dreamers to keep pursuing your dreams. She was already in her 30’s when the album was released!

2. THE TIME SHAKIRA MADE US DANCE AND FALL IN LOVE WITH ‘LAUNDRY SERVICE’ – By the time she sang ‘lucky that my breast are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains’ , I knew that she’s not just a pretty face who can do belly dancing. She’s more than that!

3. How Ariana Grande widened her fanbase with ‘Dangerous Woman’ – I published a similar piece about my love for Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman in this blog years ago. To be fair, I haven’t immersed on Sweetener and Thank You, Next yet.

4. THE FAME THING: Lady Gaga and Her Journey to Superstardom – Once upon a time, I was addicted to Lady Gaga’s music. I just loved how unpredictable and ambitious she was in the beginning. Whether you admit it or not, her ka-gaga-han worked!

5. WATCH ‘N LEARN: Rihanna shows domineering side in ‘Talk That Talk’ – What’s your favorite Rihanna album? Mine is Talk That Talk. Why? Well…

6. Why Justin Timberlake’s Departure From *NSYNC was ‘Justified’ with his solo debut – When I was a teenager, the ‘Justin’ that dominated the charts is Justin Timberlake. Did you know that one of his songs is the inspiration behind the name of my travel blog? If you know me long enough, you might’ve noticed that already! *wink*

Whew! I enjoyed writing these narratives! It feels so good to be young and alive through music!

Admittedly, writing about these albums brings joy to me at the moment since I am not traveling as much as I used to. Listening to special tracks automatically takes you back in time. You will be surprised on the overwhelming emotions you might feel when you listen to these albums again.

Vibbidi Mobile App

At the moment, they’re in the process of transitioning from a native mobile App to a strictly we-based platform & they’ve given me the opportunity to share a sneak-peak of the features they’ll be releasing by next month.

Apart from the Narratives, They have Music Videos, Singles, Albums, Remixes, User-made Cover Videos, Lyrics, News & so much more available on every page so you only need to go to one location to find the content you’re looking for, plus you can even upload missing content to support your favourite Artists, allowing you to become a guiding hand in the growth of the music industry!

Sign up and follow me at I am currently fixing my Spice Girls collection and soon enough, I will be featuring more pop and RnB albums for you! I will be posting what I have worked on in Vibbidi in here every month. Stay tuned!


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