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Introducing VIBBIDI: Appreciating Your Favorite Music Albums Through Narratives

Movies, Music and Travel. These are three things that I am really passionate about. When I am not traveling, I would go to the cinema to escape from reality for a while. When I am on a long trip, I listen to music to still be inspired on my idle time. These three are related in one way or another.

My Vibbidi Narratives featuring Jennifer Lopez (On The 6), Shakira (Laundry Service) and Ariana Grande (Dangerous Woman)

I am happy to announce that I have an ongoing collaboration with a new platform called VIBBIDI!  It’s a free web-based music streaming service that’s available on any device that has an internet connection. I’ve been using it for a month now and it is just fun to rediscover some of the albums that I loved in the past and to find new materials from emerging artists.

The thing that I love about Vibbidi is the feature called ‘Narratives’. In this section, music lovers share how a specific album means to them and how they can relate to the artists. As I publish this post, I’ve written the following:

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My Top 5 Favorite Jennifer Lopez Dance Music Videos

When Jennifer Lopez released the song ‘On The Floor’ a couple of months ago, I was really happy. The versatile superstar is one of my influences when it comes to performing. Her dance hit ‘Waiting for Tonight’ helped me out recover from a surgery when I was 12 years old (dancing two days after the operation hehe) and due to the balanced mix of her songs, I learned to appreciate the different types of dance. Her debut album ‘On the 6’ is one of the best music albums ever (for me, at least.)

Jennifer Lopez sizzles at 41! <3

Now that she’s really back, let me share some of my favorite Jennifer Lopez Dance Videos. FYI, she started out as a dancer for the TV show ‘The Living Color’ and she also appeared in the music video of Janet Jackson for the song ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’. Thanks to her role as Selena at the late-singer’s biopic, Jennifer’s talent was recognized until she emerged as one of Hollywood’s hottest leading lady and she invaded the music scene too!

Jennifer Lopez makes it a point to look fabulous in her music video. For now, I’ll be posting my Top 5 Favorite Jennifer Lopez Dance Music Videos.

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