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Introducing VIBBIDI: Appreciating Your Favorite Music Albums Through Narratives

Movies, Music and Travel. These are three things that I am really passionate about. When I am not traveling, I would go to the cinema to escape from reality for a while. When I am on a long trip, I listen to music to still be inspired on my idle time. These three are related in one way or another.

My Vibbidi Narratives featuring Jennifer Lopez (On The 6), Shakira (Laundry Service) and Ariana Grande (Dangerous Woman)

I am happy to announce that I have an ongoing collaboration with a new platform called VIBBIDI!  It’s a free web-based music streaming service that’s available on any device that has an internet connection. I’ve been using it for a month now and it is just fun to rediscover some of the albums that I loved in the past and to find new materials from emerging artists.

The thing that I love about Vibbidi is the feature called ‘Narratives’. In this section, music lovers share how a specific album means to them and how they can relate to the artists. As I publish this post, I’ve written the following:

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Excuse My Rude, Roar and Applause!

The week starts anew with three new songs from three of the leading ladies of Pop music – Jessie J, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga!

Pop Ladies: Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

Pop Ladies: Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry

Jessie J is undeniably the most popular female pop singer from UK today. After serving as one of the judges of The Voice UK for two seasons, Jessie J quits the show to concentrate more on her sophomore album. The carrier single ‘Wild’ dominated the pop charts a couple of months ago and just last week, she released the official music video for her second single called ‘It’s My Party‘. For me, it is the best summer anthem for 2013. It is the type of song you’d like to sing and dance to when you’re with your closest friends. It’s My Party, I do do what I want! You can also check the viral video featuring the people of London. *winks*

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Eh Eh (There’s Nothing Else I Can Say)

Lady Gaga Eh Eh

I am going gaga over Lady Gaga‘s songs like Poker Face and Just Dance. Last week, i took a quiz at Facebook called “Which Lady Gaga song are you?” and my result is: Eh Eh (There’s nothing else i can say). I found the song at Youtube and I’m playing and groovin’ to it as i type this entry.

Here are some headlines that can make me  say Eh Eh this week (go figure out if its a good or bad eh-eh LOL)

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