Holy Week 2010 in Dagupan City Day 2

I woke up late the next morning. Being the lazy head that I am, I didn’t stand up during the wake-up call. I ended up extending my stay in the hotel though my cousin already offered that i can stay in their house. Didn’t go with Maire and her friends to Baguio just because I woke up late.


Twitting, Plurking, Chatting, Face-Buking

No regrets though. Sleep is a luxury for me πŸ˜› I woke up at 11:30AM and tried to write for a special project. I went to the restaurant for my lunch and I ate Fish Fillet with Sweet and Corn Sauce.


Fish Fillet with Corn Sauce for Lunch

Instead of going out of meeting up with some friends, I decided to watch Liberace-related videos. You have to blame Lady Gaga’s song for my sudden interest in Liberace’s Life.

At around 4:30PM, I forced myself to get up and walk around with my camera. I took a few photos at AB Fernandez Ave., Rizal Street and Perez Blvd. Here are some of my shots:


Good afternoon, Dagupan!


Laidback A.B. Fernandez Avenue


Nasubukan mo na bang tumira sa ganitong kalsada? (Kahit hindi talaga 'yan kalsada)


The place where Jose Rizal fell in love with Leonor Rivera


Prusisyon 2010 sa Dagupan City

The City is too quiet and solemn. I went to our old house and Thank God the security guard allowed me to go to the Penthouse, my residence for fifteen years. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t leave that place. It looks a bit creepy now especially at night without our things or presence in it. The penthouse used to be a ‘noisy’ place due to Carlo’s constant laughter when he’s happy and his loud cry when he is having his tantrums.

Why I Love Rooftops and Sunsets

Sunset from our rooftop

The Sunset view is one of the top reasons why I love this place. Not everyone has the opportunity to see the sunset everyday, right? To be honest, the last time I saw the sunset here in Manila was way back in January 2 – the day where some bloggers went to Manila Bay to somewhat celebrate New Year.


Trying to blog at night

I went back to my hotel room and tried to blog about it, but I failed πŸ˜› Ate Madz, a former officemate of mine from Belo asked me if I want to go out for dinner. We went to the nearby Red Ribbon chain and I met her mom for the first time. Her family is also based in Pangasinan (in Calasiao). I saw Ate Madz the last time in the soft launch of The Lounge (November 2009). The funny thing is we originally planned to meet up two days prior to our meeting in Dagupan. It just happened that we were both busy with our respective workloads in the stressful city of Manila 😐


With my former officemate Ate Madz


Ate Madz with Pat and her pretty mom

Then I went back to my hotel room and tried to work on the special project. Guess what? I failed πŸ˜›


So who's leading in Dagupan City?

At around 11:30PM, I met up with Tita Rhoda and her daughter Gem. The instant meet-up was caused by their Plurks that night πŸ˜› We met up at 711 Rizal Branch. We stayed there for 30 minutes talking about blogging, politics and some random things.


Gem and Tita Rhoda πŸ˜›

Then I went back to my hotel room by myself and again, I tried to write on the special project. And guess what again and again and again? I failed.

I ended up writing articles on my other blogs and fell asleep at 3AM. I really had a quiet relaxing and unproductive Black Friday. Oh well. I shouldn’t be working in the first place! πŸ˜›


3 thoughts on “Holy Week 2010 in Dagupan City Day 2

  1. Cai

    Yay pero sana sumama ka na lang sa Sagada. =p
    Hindi pa tayo lumalakwatsa na magkasama (except nung Cebu pero antagal na nun amf)

    Nung Black Friday tumalon ako sa Bomod-ok Falls. And yes, buhay pa ko. =P


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