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The Surprise McDo Kiddie Party

Were you able to read my blog post yesterday? I mentioned in my wish list that I want a McDo Kiddie Party for my 23rd birthday. I got the idea from a friend who hosted a Christmas Party for us years ago.

We had fun games, similar to qqmacan, and were complete with party hats, balloons and kiddie treats. I really want to have one that’s why I wrote the following:

Turning 23 in a Kiddie Way - Love Ko 'Toh!

Turning 23 in a Kiddie Way – Love Ko ‘Toh!

MCDO KIDDIE PARTY – I want my very own Mc Donald’s Kiddie Party complete with party hats and balloons. I want to play games too with jackstones as the prize and yes, I want to see Grimace dance and clap his hands LOL. (Sorry Jollibee, Honey Bee. Had my Jolly Kiddie Party when I was six teehee)

Who would have thought that even before I published that blog entry, my Nyok friends were already planning a surprise kiddie party for me?!

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Trip to Marikina City

Marikina City is tagged as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. I remember passing by the place way back when I was in high school since it is a part of our itinerary during our field trip and the “biggest shoe in the world” was all over the papers during that time.

Marikina Plurkfiesta

Marikina Plurkfiesta

Last week, Kuya Jay invited us to his hometown. I met up with Kuya Drew, Ate Aileen and Miguel at Gateway. Our trip on our way to Marikina was full of laughter and hELLuR pOwhz. We went to Pan de Amerikana and met up with Kuya Jay. The food is cheap and the place is really nice. There’s this life-size chess board and hanging bridge. It was my first time to finally talk to Kuya Migs. Later on, Kuya Marc and Ate Gail arrived.

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Random Adventures Before November Ends

The last week of November 2008 is memorable for me for a number of reasons. I had a number of ups and downs. The important thing there is I learned a number of lessons:

Sunday – It was a very memorable Sunday. I was alone in the house the whole day and I didn’t even bother going out. Why? I had to save money. I bought Century Tuna’s Bangus in-a-can and ate it for lunch and dinner. My Sundays are usually spent outside the house, but not this time. I ended up watching random shows on TV.

Monday – It was a Monday. I decided to write my daily expenses and it was only now that I realized that I am spending almost 150 a day for me to survive in the City of Makati. And I have 250 in my wallet.

Tuesday –  I received two coupons from my Secret Santa. The first coupon didn’t mention any freebie, but since I only have Php 60 in my wallet, I assumed that I’ll be getting a pasta. The second one is cookies. Since Winston received the same e-coupon, we decided to meet up for dinner. Both of us were really hungry and yep, we don’t have enough money to survive in the big city LOLZ so we went there HOPING we’d eat Pasta for dinner.

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